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Bad Sad Saggin;This Is NOT a Good Look

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 There are prisoners walking around us every day. You see them. They are wearing their pants below their waist offering up a booty sacrifice. This is not a good look for men to express and why would a woman want to be seen with someone exercising this kind of so-called freedom. Just because you don’t see the bars doesn’t mean, there is no prison.
Do you know the joy Europeans get when they see little black boys and little black girls wearing their pants below their butt? They already have half the nation walking into buildings with symbols of a phallus and young people are being lead right to the auction block today in 2011. The European ideals and customs have put another lock on the chains that bind our youth.

Everyone knows television, videos, and music are the biggest influences to our youth because parents sure are not. Parents fall right in line with this mindless brainwashing. TV run twenty-four-seven and caught parents slipping or just plain lazy. Parents are tired talking to their child everyday all day telling them to pull their pants up and this is just the family in the suburbs. Parents out in the hood have been seen this kind of bad sad saggin a while and so they are accustomed to it.

It has grafted into their way of life.
But what is the price? And at what cost do our Hebrew (so-called Black) men and woman walk around degrading themselves. You are tricked into thinking that this is style, this is swag. But what this is is you continuing the humiliation our forefathers endured when they were brought right off the slave ships.

They were stripped and as their hands were bond, their pants were pulled down below their waist. Can you picture that? Now how much are you worth young men and women?