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PMI Unleashed & Kimbavee Roars On HLT

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Roaring Lion formed in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa. All my life I've wanted to give back and now I have the opportunity/chance. I wrote songs and played musical instruments such as the drums, guitar, the trumpet, and tuba... all brass instruments ever since I was 10 years of age. I'm a lyrical freestyle poetress loving to speak, educate, and sing the truth of the world making conscious music or poetry. I love GOD and all of HIS beautiful creations. I feel that if I do not fulfill this journey, our FATHER, whom has more than 100 names- ALLAH, GOD, LORD, JA, JEHOVAH...etc, would not be pleased with me in this world. This is just the beginning. "The harvest is plenty but the workers are few" a quote of my scriptural and spiritual teacher: JESUS- SON of man- the HOLY BIBLE. We, the CHILDREN of JA, don't think much about the end of days. We are a 1 nation of GOD'S creation that needs to unify and realize that LIFE is a precious and most gracious gift to not take for granted. The Lord knows that we are all sinners and that we can't ever be free from sin. I'm extremely grateful and thankful HE loved us enough to put a piece of HIM SPIRIT in the body of a man. GOD lives on through us all. No one person lives forever in the flesh, so where is your spirit going????? I pray that I will make it to HIS KINGDOM. Change in the world is coming. Keep it together then manhandle the stormy weather. Will you be ready? GOD is great!!!! JEHOVAH I love YOU!!!! …and here’s the double P.M.I. was born in a Nigerian town called Ututu. His family left Africa when he was three in search of better opportunities for him and his siblings. He was raised on Savannah Georgia's Southside. Growing up his parents exposed him to a broad spectrum of music, but he was most intrigued by rap music's similarities to poetry. As a child he would often win art contests as well as poetry contests. His many talents and his natural intellect often charmed his teachers. And now he charms The Hotwordz Crewsaderz.