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A year and a half ago or maybe a little longer, the Tea Party emerged as a group of individuals asking, “How did we get here?”  What many of us didn’t know, was where the answer to that question would take us.

We knew the government was spending money like a drunken sailor, no offense to drunken sailors.  We suspected spending of the nature we were witnessing was unsustainable, but we had no idea of the diabolical nature of it.

What started as a movement to slow the growth of government and the spending of our tax dollars, has metamorphisized into something so much more.  What has come about is a movement that discovered the root cause of all bad government.  What is happening now, is the movement is discovering what must now take place to ensure this enemy never takes hold of the country again, neutralize its power base and begin restoring the damage done by Progressivism.

Keep in mind that the goal of Progressivism for the last 100 years has been threefold.  First, rewrite history in a way that Americans either know little to nothing about the Founding Fathers or what they do know, is false.  Secondly, disconnect America from the Constitution by teaching case law and passing legislation that is ambiguous and unconstitutional and held up when challenged in the courts.  Finally, push God out of the public sector.  What Progressives have known all along, is that you can’t have a discussion about the Founders without discussing their faith.  You can’t have a discussion about the Constitution without discussing the Founders and therefore their faith.  And the bottom line is, Progressives cannot afford to have a discussion about God, the Creator or Divine Providence because He takes away their power of being the ones to give and take away rights.

Starting with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, you can’t help but begin reading the words of the men who penned both documents.  There it begins.  Their words seem limitless as to the role that their faith played in their lives.  The role that God played in their lives and the influence God had on them at the time of the founding.  You simply cannot ignore the faith of the Founders as described by the Founders themselves and in reading their words, Americans have begun to question the role of faith in their own lives and the role of faith within the political realm.

We are nowhere near a national revival, but we are in a place that Progressives absolutely have tried to avoid:  a spiritual awakening.   This couldn’t be more needed or at a better time.

Tea Parties around the country are now facing a unique crossroads within their own groups.  The members are beginning to question the role of the Tea Party within its unofficial agenda.  What many people thought the Tea Party was only about, fiscal issues, are now beginning to question why wouldn’t the Tea Party also get involved with the social issue.  Understandably, since the Founders knew for the Republic to survive, its people had to be virtuous, elect virtuous leaders and maintain accountability based on the values and principles that were derived from the Bible.

Whether or not the Tea Party evolves into the leader of the next great American Revival is still to be seen, but the nation can absolutely thank the Tea Party for bringing faith back into the national discussion and Progressive all but know that for their fundamental transformation of America to be complete, they must do everything to stop the Tea Party.  Because what they know is, this train doesn’t stop at moral relativism, human secularism or behavior psychiatry.  It stops at love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness and self-control.  NEXT STOP…the Great American Revival.

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