The Monday Night Hangover

Woppy & Pat Attack

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Come join Vince(Woppy) and Pat(Pat Attack) and discuss multiple hot topics of the weekend. Grab a drink, pull up a good time and enjoy our soothing voices as we lull you into a false sense of security.

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2nd time around. we promise to be on time and have our act together... not! join us for another SEXY TIME! tell you buddys, tell your girls, tell your buddy's girl! HI OH!
Woppy & Pat Attack


  • by Woppy & Pat Attack
Well, it went off with out a hitch would be a lie. Thank you for spending time with us, your time is very important to us and we promise to be the reason you wake up on Mondays. tune in kid-O's, same Pat time same Greasy Channel. ~The Mgt

It's our first show. Come POP OUR CHERRY!