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Do you remember when AIDS grabbed our country by the immune system and said, “I’d dip that in some Barbicide before I ran it through my hair”? Well, you’re going to love Hosie Nation 3.0 w/Lee Crowe on Blog Talk Radio. Join Hosie and Lee each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern for truth-laden talk that you won’t like. Remember when Jason Collins became the first “active” professional athlete to come out as gay? While most of America either celebrated (everyone in the media) or declared our families would implode at half past noon (Tea Party and people who act like they go to church) that Jason likes to have sex with men, Hosie and Lee asked, “Why come Oprah ain’t called me yet?” Why, indeed, Oprah. Why indeed. Hosie and Lee are so good behind the mic that you would think they were former NFL players. Hosie once said, “PuntOnThirdDown.com is so awesome, I almost spit a hogmaw on a picture of me and my mamma sipping grape juice out of those Lord Supper cups at Church.” Lee once said, “I find Captain D’s to be simple. It’s fish. It’s hushpuppies. But Sonic? Pssshh.” Hosie and Lee are leaders of men all the while being eaters of hen. If you’re aren’t listening to Hosie Nation 3.0, then you probably wouldn’t like it. ……………………………………………………………….. “Y’all better listen. Hosie and Lee tastin’ gooder than a….. I mean, it’s a good show.” -Jeff Dahmer “Even I liked it.” -Ty Cobb *Moves her hands in some crazy motions and mumbles a sound from her mouth that only Peyton Manning could make -Marlee Beth Matlin

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ICYMI: 3/14 #FlashmobFriday Show!! Comedian and Social Commentator, Felonious Munk (@Felonious_Munk on Twitter) came through to chop it up with us about everything!!. Just Youtube search "Stop It B", and you will see... more

The show you've all been waiting for... Or have you? Who knows? Nobody cares. #YouWontLikeIt

You should know by now that there is no sense in this section even being filled out. We're going to talk shit about stuff for 2 hours, and you're going to be mad. Thats what we do. Deal with it.

A week later... This episode goes heavy on the UCSB maniac murderer Eliiot Rodger. We will give you the real on why he killed those people. You won't like it. Also many more things will be discussed as we have no idea where... more

We're back again to give you what you need. Especially if what you need happens to be a gang of unadulterated slander. Tell your mama about us.

Man... Where do we begin? MIchael Sam's dream has come true. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams. And his on-air celebration set America on fire. We will do what we do to this subject. Oh... And Donald Sterling happened again.... more

Back for another one. Barefoot redneck girls duke it out, and we break it down. SNL's Leslie Jones Weekend Update has caused a disturbance in the force. We tackle that. Monica Lewinski is running her dick sucker. Don't be mad at that last... more

This Will Be EPIC!

Terrible things will be said about people, places, and things... And maybe your own mama. Make sure you listen.

Niggas is broke these days!!! And apparently hungry AF, too. We are going to get into NCAA athletes saying they're going to bed hungry at night. Is it a lie? Is it their own fault? We will get into it like you won't hear it anywhere else. Plus...... more
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