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When Clients' Emotions Endanger the Plan: Ellen Rogin Talks with Les Szarka

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If clients were 100% rationale beings, it would be easy to get them on board with an investment plan and to ensure they stick with it, but human beings are creatures of emotion. When volatility spikes, clients are going to experience fear, and when market exuberance reigns, they will be tempted by greed. These influences can make clients shortsighted and make it difficult for you to get them to see the bigger picture. And the worst part is that these emotions are often subconscious—clients don't even realize how influenced they are by these primal feelings.

Les Szarka, longtime advisor and author of the book, "Money Brain - How Your Subconscious Mind Can Hijack Your Investment Decisions," chats with Ellen Rogin in this AdvisorRadio interview about how the wiring of the human brain can make "sticking to the plan" so hard for clients, and how best to handle the situation when subconscious emotions start to take over.