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  • That's The Way She Is - What Jack Needs to Know About Jill

    in Women

    The Author Manchovian Prince will discuss his book,"That's the Way She Is".  You guys claim you don't understand us. Well, this will be your chance to understand your choices of women by being informed on the different types of women. Understanding the different types of women may help you make better choices.  This will also help women to understand how men see/perceive us given the behavior we display.  The book contains material that will education both men and women on how to interact with each other through understanding and communicating.  It provides insight on relationships and how to deal with issues that comes with them.  It also provides a wealth of knowledge on the diferent types of women.

    Alpha Woman
    The Crazy Woman
    The Opportunist
    Independent Woman
    Bisexual Woman
    Traditional and Submissive Woman
    The Slut and Prostitute
    The Nurturer
    The Spiteful and Malicious Woman
    Second Place Woman 
    Two Tupes of Ghetto Women
    An Assortment of Female Types

    It will also discuss the Maintenance Scale (Low, Medium, High) 

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    Dealing with the Loss of a Baby

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    There is no deeper loss than the loss of a baby. To feel a life inside you, to love that child whom you have never met, to anxiously await its arrival, and then feel the sting of death. This episode of #‎SHEtalk Radio will share in the emotions of a Mother's deepest loss, her baby. It will also introduce the Georgia Chapter of TEARS Foundation and its upcoming event.  Is their any assistance for a mother going thru this?  Is there help for the family?  What kind of problems does one encounter with this situation?  How soon, if ever, can things get back to "normal"? Those and other questions will be answered on this BABYtalk segment of SHEtalk Radio.

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    Self Help Personally and Professionally

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues with host Lauren Jawno and her guest Ellen White and Mekel Harris:

    Ellen White is an international life coach, public speaker, and tv host with over 15 years of experience developing people’s personal potential.  Ellen has written two national columns in one of Canada’s largest daily newspapers, and currently she is writing her first book. She operates her own private practice with both individual and corporate clients all over North America….she even trains people how to become a coach!

    Mekel Harris, Ph.D., NCSP is a licensed psychologist, Associate Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, community advocate, and mentor in Los Angeles, California. In her clinical work, she focuses on health and wellness issues among children, adults, and families. Specific areas that she emphasizes in her private practice are coping and adjustment to chronic illness, life transitions, spirituality, and issues related to grief and loss. In addition to this work, she has also served as a guest blogger for entities focused on leadership development, employing her knowledge of health and wellness within the business milieu. 


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    Listen To Succeed with Communications Expert, Leslie Shore, M.A.

    in Spirituality

    Leslie Shore is a communications expert. As the owner of the consultancy Listen to Succeed, Leslie has worked with corporations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, health professionals, and educational institutions to up-level their intra-personal and inter-personal communication skills. Her book, Listen to Succeed: How to identify and overcome barriers to effective listening, is currently used in four universities. www.ListenToSucceed.com


    Awakenings With Michele Meiche is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air.

    Email awakeningspodcast@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air.

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    Teaching Parents to Help Their ADHD Child

    in Self Help

    Teaching Parents to Help Their ADHD Child

    Please join me this Sunday, April 24, 2016, at 4:00pm, PST, as I welcome Lollie Weeks, AKA The Fortuitous Housewife, to the program.

    Lollie is a writer, blogger, photographer, social media marketing consultant, website designer, ADHD parent mentor, aspiring ADHD Coach, and a parent of 2 young boys, ages 8 and 10, who have ADHD.

    Lollie, is currently facilitating, a ADHD parent group, for parents with newly diagnosed children with ADHD. This group is just outside of Boston.
    Lollie's passion, is working with parents, as they first embark on their new ADHD journey. She would like to help these parents, and children, understand their rights, and find the proper resources, that will fit their unique needs.

    Lollie was diagnosed with ADHD over 20 years ago, when she first read Driven to Distraction. Lollie will be discussing her journey through child and adolescent years, touching upon the struggles, and her learning process, that brought her to today!

    Please feel free to call in and speak with Lollie 917-889-7025.

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    Help I am Hurting - Loss of Self Esteem-Part 3

    in Motivation

    Help! I am hurting is an 8 part series that deals with the various issues that cause individuals to get stuck in a place of stagnation and often desire to give up. Join us at 8:30 PM on Thursdays as we deal with these obstacles and challenges faced on the path of your destiny and give you valuable tools to overcome them. 

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    Help! I am hurting - Loss of Identity Part 4

    in Spirituality

    Help! I am hurting is an 8 part series that deals with the various issues that cause individuals to get stuck in a place of stagnation and often desire to give up. Join us at 8:30 PM on Thursdays as we deal with these obstacles and challenges faced on the path of your destiny and give you valuable tools to overcome them. 

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    Why do we lie?

    in Business

    Join Daniel and Johnnie as they explore “Why we lie” in our business environments, our social lives and even to those we love most. Is it our own insecurities that drive this behavior, the need to be viewed as the smartest person in the room, the belief that the boss needs to have all of the answers or something much deeper?

    An even deeper question is what price do we pay for this behavior?  This is a must hear show and we would love you to call in and let us know how you feel about this topic.

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    Finding your Inner SHERO

    in Self Help

    Jentrey Potter is the founder of Find Yourself Health and S.H.E.R.O. (Self Help Empowerment Recovery Organization). 

    Jentrey is passionate about helping women through self care, self love, and self empowerment. From personal experiences of overcoming childhood sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and choosing to stay married to a recovering ography addict, she takes a very personal approach to healing the whole person from the inside out and discovering the root causes and trapped emotions that are creating the mental, emotional, and even physical health issues of modern families. 

    Jentrey is also a Mother of Five crazy amazing kids, and is happily married to her first love and eternal companion of over 15 years. 

    Jentrey is a highly sought after Board Certified Health Coach who combines nutrition with life balance and an overall lifestyle change.

    You can connect with Jentrey on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/jentrey.potter or visit her website: http://findyourselfhealth.com/pages/home

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    "THSI's Launches New Free Legal Clinic" on "A Cup of Joe"

    in Politics

    The Human Solution International presents the new Self-help legal clinic! 

    Most people reaching out to The Human Solution's 501c3 are people that have been recently arrested and charged with crimes involving cannabis. They tend to be frightened, broke and naive regarding the looming nightmare.  finding pro bono help is rare and often disappointing. Public defenders are seldom willing or equipped to fight and so few cannabis cases actually go to trial that an expert  in the field with trial experience is very rare indeed. We have begun to create a revolutionary new solution. find about how it will work as well as several surprise guests that will be joining us for "A cup of Joe". Grab a fresh one and sit down and join us for this very important announcement on Coffee Party USA Radio.  Wednesday Night 8:00 PM EDT/5:00 PM PDT 


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    in Relationships

         We would love to hear from listeners who are reaching out for emotional support. Also welcomed  are calls to share a blessing, share a coping stategy, or whatsever's on your heart.  It's a peer run call in radio program  with four co-hosts. Two of us are mental health care recipients.  Two of the  other co-hosts wish to contribute and be a blessing.