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Cowabungah with Mark Shepard

Honest Hypnosis with Mark Shepard, CHT, NLPT


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America's Honest Hypnotist, Mark Shepard exposes the BS and Myths in the Personal Transformation Field of Hypnosis and NLP. Take Back Your Power and Master Your Mind For A Change! An uncensored, irreverent & sometimes hilarious romp through self help, personal master, peak performance & spirituality

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Madagascar Vanilla and the power of word associations. It's not just plain old vanilla anymore! It's MADAGASCAR vanilla! Words have tremendous hypnotic power. The way words come together and the way they are used in the... more

Honest Hypnosis #3: The Law of Least Effort and the Joy of Profanity We are all hardwired to seek the path of least resistance. This is a LAW of the Universe. Look at Water! We are ALL lazy asses! When you seek personal mastery... more

This episode is for men only: With the past 3 generations of men and women being marked by men giving their power away to women, not only are men more and more wimped out, supplicating, symboliclly castrated "bitches". But... more

This started out as a brainstorm that I was playing with while I was making dinner the other day... but then I get warmed up and PASSIONATE about dispelling the myths and BS that surrounds Hypnosis and NLP. The idea of suggestibility and... more

So many people believe the fairytale myths about hypnosis that it creates a set of unrealistic expectations. The truth is that hypnosis IS a POWERFUL way to create rapid and long term personal transformation, HOWEVER, ultimately YOU... more

This is the audio from a Cowabungah.com video from Mark Shepard's new course - "How To Stop Being Shy: The Cowabungah Confidence Installation System" For more info visit http://Cowabungah.com

Cowabungah Personal Mastery Coach for Men, Mark Shepard, NLPT, shares a powerful thought provoking episode about finding your "path with heart" or your "Massive Throbbing Vision" (to quote Jason Capital).

Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP Mark Shepard specializes in Personal Mastery For Intelligent Men... He calls it Cowabungah! Join us for a short, powerful session in understanding how you step in to your power as a man.

Cowabungah.com founder Mark Shepard shares some additional thoughts about Freedom and how Men seeking to live "outside the cubicle" can create freedom in their own lives NOW!

Cowabungah! Personal Mastery For Men Founder Mark Shepard shares some frank thoughts about "Freedom".