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Jan Jackson2

Homeowners Associations and You


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Many, if not most, homeowners associations (HOAs) throughout our country have experienced, or are now experiencing, very serious social and financial problems

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Barack Obama is said to be a diagnosed PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSIST and appears to be in the process of DESTROYING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL FEDERAL REPUBLIC. All intelligent and rational people should STAND UP... more

Our government appears to be full of vampires who are trying (and succeeding in many cases) to suck the life-blood right out of our wallets, as well as our economy. And their leader is none other than our President, Barack Obama. The... more

On Thursday, March 26th, at 4:30pm (Colorado time), we will be talking about thoughtful, intelligent and rational Americans who are mad as hell at the power and money seekers among us, as well as those human leeches with their... more

During last week's webcast, we talked about how our country seems to be very rapidly sliding into socialistic oblivion, some of the things that might be causing that, and whether or not we could lay that destructive state of affairs squarely at... more

Since our country seems to be sliding into socialistic oblivion because of too many irresponsible people in it with their hands out for responsible, hard working American's tax dollars, it appears we all should be talking more about how... more

On our Thursday, March 5th webcast, we will continue talking about the liberal "Powers That Be" in our country who appear to be manipulating the ignorant, the irrational, and the apathetic among us. Manipulations which seem to be pushing... more

Are the "Powers That Be" in our country manipulating the ignorant, the irrational, and the apathetic among us to push all Americans straight into the waiting arms of the socialists among us? That will again be the topic of discussion on our... more

Intelligent and rational Americans are not the "owners" of the new, so-called, "stimulus package". The owners of that economic monstrosity are wealthy power and money seekers and the huddled ignorant masses (many of whom... more

For years, HOA homeowners have been burdened by the socialistic -- even dictatorial -- predilections of their boards of directors and their member cabals. Now, President Obama has legitimized that socialistic/dictatorial situation... more
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