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The host of this show is Baba Jahi a Home Base Business Guru and Coach. He works with home-based business owners who have trouble managing their time and generating the revenue they desire. Give Baba Jahi a call 252-406-0774 and sign up for one of his Complimentary Coaching Sessions. A Complimentary Coaching Session is a 40 minute coaching call between you and Baba Jahi where: Baba Jahi provides value by coaching you on your "WHAT". He will determine if he can help you and if he would like you as a client. You determine if you like Baba Jahi and want to hire him as your coach. Sounds fair enough OK then give him a call right now! 252-406-0774

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When people act from the power of their purpose, incredible things can take root, blossom and grow; things that bring new ideas and solutions to chronic challenges. In short, strong purpose often yields transformative and innovative change where it is most needed. Starting a nonprofit corporation is one of the best potential opportunities in America today, there are many additional benefits, including: ? Making a positive difference in your community ? Accepting real estate as a charitable gift ? Qualifying to receive private and public grant money ? Creative income and revenue opportunities ? Enjoying the freedom of being an entrepreneur ? Gaining access to the halls of power and prestige ? Contributing to the renewal of the country We have to make money to survive in our modern world. But we need other things as well, in order to have "the good life." We need connection, a sense of belonging, to contribute, to feel we are making a difference, the presence of meaning, and the sense that we are participating in a collective endeavor. There are many pathways to fulfilling on these needs, but the nonprofit corporation is among the most powerful and rewarding.
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