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2 Great topics on this show. We start by showing you how to evaluate a proper direct marketing opportunity. Then, we have a reply of KL Graham with Sirius Web Solutions.

Listen in as K.L. Graham talks web building basics for business owners. We chat about building a website that truly works for you. Also in this show, Kym Timpano tells us how she and her sisters founded a company that makes…Men's... more

This show is packed with lots of great nuggets. We start with a brand new business owner; someone who is literally in the process of putting together her process and systems. Check out her view of entrepreneurship. Then, we pose... more

Tonight's guests: Aimee Miller & Megan Jackson; owners of HipChixs Until now, the solo entrepreneur, direct sales person, and multi-level marketer have had few options in building their business, the HomBaBiz radio show is the leverage that... more

Tonight's guests: Kym Timpano with NoNetz bathing suits. Replay of our interview with the owners of HipChixs. Until now, the solo entrepreneur, direct sales person, and multi-level marketer have had few options in building their... more

On this episode, we talk to Margo Redfern, CEO of FlattenMe. FlattenMe helps you give your child a moment in the spotlight when you make them the star of their very own children's book. FlattenMe is an award-winning new series of... more

One of the biggest problems that new entrepreneurs face is that of marketing their product or service. Even with all of the various marketing channels, many of us still find it hard to pick the right marketing mix. Tune in to find out how... more

In this episode, we'll discuss the basics. The 3 things that any new business owner will need to do before they're "up and running". Check it out.

We've all received the call from the newly registered multi-level business owner who has great praises for the direct sales company that they just partnered with. Typically, they go on and on for 15 minutes about how ?awesome? the... more

With all the mania about the real estate stock market turning around, many are wondering if it's once again a great time to invest. In this show, we'll talk about re-entering the real estate foray. Is it safe to come back? Or will the "roaring"... more