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I'm your host "Pastor Gee" This show is about giving people positive and inspiring truths about world issues.

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Victor Hil cleared of all 37 counts. Did he abused his authority as Sherrif? Why did the county spend 400k dollars of tax payers dollars following Victor Hill? What's next for the Clayton County

how eating the rights foods increase chances of a longer life. Eating less meats can help eliminate cancer cells. Why taking juice Plus is so affected. What's so good about supplements

Anthony Stokes having an enlarged heart. The sixteen year old having 6 months to live. Children's Hospital of Atlanta initially denied Anthony to be on the list due to non compliance. What the heck is non compliance. God is a God of... more

Hsopitals are the cornerstone to all communities. So many peopls are born in hospitals. Are hospitals the most dangerous place to be and why? Is Medicare and Medicade crippling hospital cost.

How man has used race,religion, class and gender to seperate us from God. Why are we still believing what the world says about our future? Who do we blame for centuries of sensless wars and deaths. We will ever defeat the principalities of... more

How Africa has become a hot comodity for the eastern world. China has invested billions of dollars in redeveloping 5 cities in Africa. How America is scrambling to now assist Africa in foreign affairs. Why blacks in the U.S. should... more

How we're still taking about the 1965 ruling. Why did the Supeme Court strike down section 4. Is Alabam and Texas holding on to their southern traditions. This is the 50th year anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1963 and there is... more

How sungazing srengthens the mind. How sungazing helps you use most of your brain, Living from the universe brings you closer to infinite bliss. How sungazing increases your chakra's

Why education is the key. How to eleminate school to prison pipeline. Training our young black men in meditation and prayer. Respect.....101 Learning how to serve others in the community.

Why we are losing our young black men to black on black crime How the rap game influences the degredation of their people. Why so many African Americans chose the "Thug Life" over eternal life. The amount of unwed mothers bringing... more
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