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The Holy Spiritz Radio Show

The Holy Spiritz Radio Show


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I'm your host "Pastor Gee" This show is about giving people positive and inspiring truths about world issues.

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Why so many churches have issues with the members openly having sex? Is sex with the opposite more approved by preachers? How can churches disaproved of gay marrriage yet say nothing about the in-house freak feast going on... more

why congress is delaying the minimum wage increase. Why fast food workers are fed up with long hours and low pay. The average age of a fast food worker is 25. Most workers in the fast food industry are workers affected by the Wall... more

Why mother's are the first leaders. How a mother's hand never really leaves you despite everything. How mother's truly are the real men on the planet. Overcoming grief after losing your mother. How to continue life after the loss of... more

why still america is the most obese country. Why the foods that we eat are filled with sugars, and fats that create heart disease. How heart disease and diabetes also causes thousands of deaths a year. How to train parents in feeding our... more

Now that Megafest is over what's next for the communities? Will these pastors rebuild their communities or start a new program within their own fortified walls. Why haven't churches in the black communities united and bought back some... more

How the Chinese are stealing gold from Africa. What's taking the African government so long to get rid of those illegal Chinese imigrants. Are people of color just ment to suffer in this universe and why? When will Africa wake up... more

How the sins of our fathers are now closing in on us. Why are so many people worldwide starving and homeless. Who really controls the universe. Are all the recent calamities a sign from God for us to change.. and do it now!

How mega churches are busy entertaining rather than busy educatiing. what happens to all those tax free dollars once mega fest is over? does megafest ever talk about planting gardens,trees, schools, food banks in those troubling... more

why major companies are using The President's health care plan to dupe the country. Is this total resistants of having every American a chance to have proper health isurance all because then doctors won't be able to stick it to the poor... more

Why eating healthy can improve you brain. The benefits of eating proper nutrition. What food can limit inflamatories in your body. How eating raw foods in the only way to go.
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