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The Holy Spiritz Radio Show

The Holy Spiritz Radio Show


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I'm your host "Pastor Gee" This show is about giving people positive and inspiring truths about world issues.

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How boosting your immune system keeps you away from the doctors office. Why the ful shot is the last thing you'll ever need in a lifetime. How drinking water can rejeuvenate your skin, and your health. Juicing is a great way to prevent... more

How Sex trafficking has changed over the years Why most people don't realize how easy sex trafficking is. Are your neighbors involved in sex trafficking. What can be done to prevent sex trafficking?

How the government shut down is an attack on battered women who no longer can get government assistants while raising their children. How this shut down puts women who are running from their abusers to stay due to lack of funding... more

Why tipping your bar or server is customary. Are black folk just cheap when it comes to tipping or just uneducated? She you go out to eat and a sit down restaurant if you know you cannot afford the service? What is service; and Is it... more

So many people around the world believe diet sodas are helping them control their weight, not so. How diet sodas makes you crave more sugar after you consume them. Are overweight people overweight because of diet sodas. Are... more

Now there's shooting on the Capital, yet what did you think was going to happen? Why the republican party and the tea party believes that they control this country and not the American tax payers and voters. Who in the hell are these... more

Again congress are fighting for the wealthy and the major pharmaceutical companies to end Obama Care. Should there be a substantial penalty(a hefty fine) for congress to pay by shutting down? Whats the so fuss over healthcare... more

Is the Bible main focus on giving to the church? Where does it says give 10% of your earnings every week when in biblical times they gave offerings and 10% in the first year or the first harvest. Are preachers living the good life on the blood... more

How Shelley Chapmans EatRelatedandLove.com program and help you overcome eating obesity, bad eating habits as well as transfoming your spiritual minds. How to grow your own whole foods. Educating your children in... more

why the national guards? when will the president speak up about the senseless killings. why are most people in the neighborhoods now playing down the violence in Chicago. What can we do as a people?
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