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The Holy Spiritz Radio Show

The Holy Spiritz Radio Show


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Bringing together a people of God through internet enlightenment on rebuilding a new nation!

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Its been all over the news about the L.A. Clippers owner Don Sterling's racial comments concerning his veiw on African Americans. But what about the rest of the world, is Mr. Sterling thoughts and opinions isolated, I begged to differ,... more

More and more studies have proved that the United States Department of Education sytsem is designed to place the majority fo African American males in the custody of the state. It is a slave mentality that has been the driving... more

Recent studies have said that its the black church that holds black women hostage by keeping them busy working in the church and for the church while the men they come in contact with are busy preying on their godly attitude toward... more

Each year millions of people begin a certain type of weight loss or detox in order to have a healthier heart and to live a long life. Many chose the over the counter weight loss pills that guarantee's you can lose 10 lbs. in less than a week. Other... more

What does a person to do when they have lost everything! No job, no income, no transportation, no friends and certainly no family to turn to? If this sounds like your testimony then you are one of millions of people around the globe who are going... more

Case after case we have seen many of our black youth being murdered and killed in some form or fashion either by their own race or by the hands of a white man. What is it about these young black men that the world fears? We'll discuss... more

A man ask me the other day if there were any 'Balck" Churches on my side of town? At first I didn't know how to respond to that question, then suddenly God gave me the answer for him through the holy spirit. Want to hear what it... more

Finding work after college can be difficult for any student but for African Americans its much harder than it looks.

You got to ask yourselves why is the government so concern with stopping prayer at government buildings. They've gotten it out of schools completely and now they are telling all people who are "believers" that their God is not allowed in their... more

Recent studies have come to disprove that poverty in many cities and towns around the U.S. doesn't stem from only the lack of a father being in the home and or the father not taken care of his responsibility. A lot of it has to do with... more
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