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I'm your host "Pastor Gee" This show is about giving people positive and inspiring truths about world issues.

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What are you here for? why are you here? who sent you to this earth and for what reason? Is God part of your life and your life's plan? what are you good at and what makes you happy on a daily basis?

Why are major corporations involved with thd SNAP program. Are Corporations such as Walmart and JP Morgan Chase makes hundreds of millions of dollars off of poor people... and how? Why is the media so quiet about reporting the... more

How black people and made some advancement and yet we've lost our souls. Why wealthy blacks aren't doing anything to rebuild lower income communities. Are blacks who have obtained wealth indebted to the counteparts the wealthy... more

How many members worsip their pastors and spend lttle to know time getting to know Christ on their own. How Preachers are using scriptures to influence their congregation to believe what their saying instead of what is it written. How... more

how bullying is such a serious issue that can cause so many health issues in a child. what is being done government wise about bullying. How harmful is cyber-bullying to a child. Are bullies just crying out for attention. Is your child a... more

is your job your dream job or a nightmare? Does your boss respect your opiion when you give it constructively. Is your job making you feel sick everytime you clock in. Does your boss thinks he/she knows everything even when they know... more

How so many children face homelessness each day in America. How the government shutdown has closed so many after school programs in urban cities What are churches doing about homelessness and the lack of nutrition in those... more

Now we see pastors on tv (Preachers of L.A.) showing the other side of who they are away from the pulpit. Are pastors wealthy due to the church or from outside businessess? Is there really healing in the church any longer. Can you trust a... more

How boosting your immune system keeps you away from the doctors office. Why the ful shot is the last thing you'll ever need in a lifetime. How drinking water can rejeuvenate your skin, and your health. Juicing is a great way to prevent... more

How Sex trafficking has changed over the years Why most people don't realize how easy sex trafficking is. Are your neighbors involved in sex trafficking. What can be done to prevent sex trafficking?
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