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I'm your host "Pastor Gee" This show is about giving people positive and inspiring truths about world issues.

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New studiess about how intermittent fasting can help me lose weight and keep the weight off and stay healthy and fit. This new craze has also been know to help prevent heart disease, diabetes as well and prevent cancerous cells from... more

The bottom line is if you don't know the enemy, then how can you fight those principalities that are continuing to try and wipe us off the planet! It's real, and its systematic and if we don't began to unite then we will be an extinct race of... more

For years people have been debating religion as a whole and especially in the black community. Black theology was once a place where black people could learn about the church and their role as a people, no longer bound by... more

In 2014, no longer do most of our black women strive for a complete family structure..It has turned into this self gratification and indepence of saying "I don't need a man I can raise my kids on my own"! And for that reason many of our... more

As far back as slavery, black men were sexually assaulted and raped by their masters.. It's been hidden for centuries by historians on all sides, and now its become a weapon to destroy black boys and the masculinity of the head of the... more

Each year it seems that our young black sisters are becoming more and more masculine. Since the so called women's (whit only of course) movement black sisters have been busy being portrayed as porstitutes,whores, lesbians or crack... more

So many people are caught up in the recent televised murders of black Americans by the hands of the police. Yet as I said televised.. this has been going on since the beginning of slavery and yet with social media, not corporate America... more

The Nestle corporation CEO has been vigiant about privatizing water throughout the planet. It's already started in parts of Africa (of course) where even if you have rain water saved on your property you can be jailed; or even killed, and now... more

In the recent news we've seen and heard how severeal people of color have been brutally beaten by police officers all across this country. In some cases resulting in the death of a law abiding citizen, and yet who or what law is there to protect... more

More and more police departments across the states are receiving a massive amounts of weapons used in the Afghan and Iraq war. Even tanks, night goggles, M-16's that shoot even longer than ever and being placed in local police... more
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