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The Holy Spiritz Radio Show

The Holy Spiritz Radio Show


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Bringing together a people of God through internet enlightenment on rebuilding a new nation!

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White men kills 11 people in Synagouge while another white man gun down to black shoppers in a grocery store. Another white male sends bombs to state officials all awhile Chicago's murder rate amongst our young men is climbing!... more

Nakia a Jones former police officer who was fired for posting a video about police brutality when a white officer murdered Altuwan Sterling from New Orleans. She's back and she's educating black folks greatness, knowoing who your are,... more

Black people are winning! Or so it seems, in the last few years we've seen black owned businesses grow from roguhly 1,300 in 2009 to over 2,200 in 2018 and it seems like we are finally hitting our stride. Yet stil as a people we virtually own... more

As we have notice in the U.S. everything goes up except your rate of pay, and that's a huge problem! Many Americans have become unable to sustain their living conditions due to the surging cost of rent. And while many will say,... more

New survey ask the question on wether white educators as well as faculties members, are racist and is this the reason for an exodus of black boys especially leaving public and charter schools nationwide? This type of railroading is called... more

Same day different you know what is the best way to describe what we are witnessing as a people of God, And still, black folks are smiling on social media, chatting about the latest sporting event, the latest concerts as well as the latest... more

Once again we see racism rear its head from The 2 Starbucs incidents to the Chedars Restaurant issue in Macon Ga. Black folks see themselves all across the globe being mistreated and discriminated. This is a repeated and trained... more

In the wake of the recent shooting and killing of another unarmed young black man; we find ourselves as a people piling back into the streets of another falling city only to spend precious time yelling and screaming at a system that is... more

As we hear more detailed news on the slaughter of Stephon Clark who was gun down in Sacramento Cal. by two police officers, we are left with the question...why are black people a target, and why are people of color not doing anything to... more

In the wake of the latest shootings, we find ourselves asking the question; should we ban assault rifles. But wait a minute, we also have a police killing African Americans at an alarming rate! From school shootings to police brutality white... more
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