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Bringing together a people of God through internet enlightenment on rebuilding a new nation!

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Many American soldiers who have served their country with pride, honor and dignity are coming back home in a pyschotic state. It is documented that each day 22 military soldiers committ suicide from the sufferings from being at war! It is known as PTSD, and it doesn't stop their. This same condition has affected millions of prisoners across the country due to violence, fals imprisonment, beatings, police brutality that never ends and the lack of concerns in the prison systems regarding inmates with minor infractions being treated as murderers. And the wealthy gets paid off of all of that!
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Another young Queen is assasinated by a race soldier and this time most people have grown numb? This is exactly what they need us to do; and that is submit to their evilness in killing innocent people of color for no apparent reasoning.... more

Recently we had an incident on a Delta airlines flight where a passenger was having some health issues. When the flight attendant ask if anyone on the plane was a doctor, a beautiful young African American female doctor approach them... more

Norman Oklahoma, a white school teacher told his class that all white people are racist that sparked controversy throughout the entire schoo. Many of the parents (white) were outraged and demanded this teacher's suspension pending... more

Ok folks I'm creating a platform for newbies to begin to start a new life of healthy eating along with exercising. Now I'm no expert, so I can only share my own experience as well as do extensive research so that you will be able to start... more

Here we go again, another major calamity has hit Haiti with Hurrican Matthew and the "so called" donations are pouring in. But where are these donations going to, and who's in charge of collecting them? It's been nearly 7 years since the... more

We are seeing a surge in interracial dating as well as homosexual TV across the globe. Yet where does that lead the black man and the black family as we know it? Celebrities from Seran Williams to Michael Coutler aka Luke Cage... more

This is become a trend across the country where black parents are simply taking their children out of public shcools. Although there are a mulititude of reasons why, the primary reason is for young black children to learn how to be self... more

We have lost a wonderful woman of God and angelical voice who has blessed the entire world singing praises and worship to all who bare witness to her incredible gifts. Lecresia Campbell will sorely be missed and yet we have her... more

For over 40 plus years Dr. Claude Anderson has been preaching and teaching to black folks trhat we are in a world of trouble when it comes to group economics. Every other ethnic group practice this except for black folks. We earn the money... more

Many have said dealing with the recent shootings and killings the black people don't respect the police and they are provoking the police into shooting and killing them? And one of Donald Trumps aid went to add that they never had... more
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