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This is a show from the fans, for the fans, and is a gift from us to the community, celebrating diversity, adding some comic relief & having a good time. Every time we feel like ranting about something entertainment related, the show allows us the opportunity to do that. It really should be called, rants from the Hollywood corner. Another show by creative folks for the fans of all things movies, music, celebrities, hollywood, & all the hoopla. This show is strictly about them, all about them, & for them. We try to discuss only folks we admire, love, cherish, look up to, promote, & idolize for all time. We believe that it is not only fair ,but a necessity to get some of these talented names out there for the public, so that more people can check out their works, and possibly be converted to being life-long fans like we are. This show is specifically dedicated to all things hollywood, including the indy circuit. Actors, actresses, directors, producers, cinematographers, writers, etc shall all be discussed, including fans. This show shall strictly be about Hollywood, or anything Hollywood related, and shall also focus on promotion, and the latest from many of our favorite personalities. Callers are always welcome, but are encouraged to stick to the topic of the show. Most importantly, have a great time, and thanks for listening! (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --no drama style podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

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Welcome to yet another show of HOLLYWOOD CORNER and join us as we are welcoming in the very end of it, and as such will talk about anything, everything except the kitchen sink. Tonight we talk about one man's tale from going to... more

Tonight's show came to a late start, but as promised it is still going to be dirty, filthy honest all the way til lthe very last episode. That's right folks. This is the end, and there are no holds barred. EVERYTHING is being spilled about everything... more

Tonight on a very special HOLLYWOOD CORNER, we do a part 2 of the dillholes in public out & about show, where we get absolutely dirty honest about it and I talk to you about how terrible it is to put up with such rude and nasty... more

Tonight on a very special HOLLYWOOD CORNER, we talk about dillholes in public drinking the KOOL AID, and my completely putting them on the spot and telling YOU how we can overcome them, to get to and from where we need... more

Welcome to tonight's episode of HOLLYWOOD CORNER, as we talk about even more pop-culture updates, going on with 2015, after many pauses and the craziness that was the past two months. We also go into Madonna and her... more

Welcome to this very special show where we talk about different people and their different belief systems about this life, the next life, above/beyond and what to do when we are absolutely bored. We go into what some people like to do daily,... more

On tonight's show we discuss being REAL vs being FAKE in today's times, and the real deal advice we have to truly give to people, as well as the advice we've been given. We will go over if it works or not, and we will also talk about... more

I have been having issues with my podcasts lately, and due to the errors I got fed up and decided to end things a little prematurely since I was going to 100, and had more topics to cover, so instead I made the last show the FINAL SHOW. It... more

This show will be dedicated to stating things how they really are, and bringing out there my own start in horror, experiences in it, and truly just laying it all down, and stating how it really is. Everything will generally be dug into so, here it is. I am... more

Hello everyone & welcome to yet another Hollywood Corner with your lovely hosts Huggy ,Krayola & Zuul. For whatever reason, the pop-culture parts of this show seem to be the most popular ,so we're going to be spilling even MORE beans on... more