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This is a show from the fans, for the fans, and is a gift from us to the community, celebrating diversity, adding some comic relief & having a good time. Every time we feel like ranting about something entertainment related, the show allows us the opportunity to do that. It really should be called, rants from the Hollywood corner. Another show by creative folks for the fans of all things movies, music, celebrities, hollywood, & all the hoopla. This show is strictly about them, all about them, & for them. We try to discuss only folks we admire, love, cherish, look up to, promote, & idolize for all time. We believe that it is not only fair ,but a necessity to get some of these talented names out there for the public, so that more people can check out their works, and possibly be converted to being life-long fans like we are. This show is specifically dedicated to all things hollywood, including the indy circuit. Actors, actresses, directors, producers, cinematographers, writers, etc shall all be discussed, including fans. This show shall strictly be about Hollywood, or anything Hollywood related, and shall also focus on promotion, and the latest from many of our favorite personalities. Callers are always welcome, but are encouraged to stick to the topic of the show. Most importantly, have a great time, and thanks for listening! (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --no drama style podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

On-Demand Episodes

Already did a show on this a while back that was quite similar but now we are doing yet another one simply because this stuff never ends. I am going to share my stories, my experiences & my own solutions to this as they have been... more

Tonight we talk about pop-culture news for the week, what is new, & go into bits and pieces about how fandom keeps entertainment movies/music alive. It literally does as I go into discussions about how some movie/filming locations still... more

Tonight welcome myself Huggy, Krayola & Zuul as we discuss even more tales of how some people live, what they live for, their total lack of common sense & how things generally really are for many people out there. Sometimes the truth hurts... more

Why not just make it PUBLIC? Why not? Sometimes the things you go through can traumatize you so it is best to just bring it out there so that others can understand what you are going through and can possibly relate to certain things,... more

Tonight we're talking about darkness in Hollywood, in the community/culture, in fandom, & why being a 'fan' sucks. How people play you, how people treat their fans like nobody outsiders that should literally & figuratively 'get in line,' and... more

Tonight we have a special show for you where we talk about all things Hollywood and how it has a negative effect on some impressionable minds out there. We stop at nothing as all truth & honesty shall be revealed & then some. Join us on... more

This is a continuation of the last show with Tina & Krayola on psychos. We have some updates from yesterday's show on psychos, and Krayola/Zuul join for even more fun, mayhem & happiness as wel talk about not only psychos but some of... more

Tonight is a continuation of the psychos I have brought up on my previous shows because sadly they seem to have absolutely no boundaries, and even though I myself move on from drama and don't dig up the past, when it starts to affect... more

Tonight will be a very talktative show because it will adress the continuing issue of the pressures that people face going into Hollywood, and the pressures people face in the public as a result of Hollywood; so basically, everyone suffers... more

Here it is. The long, awaited show that reveals the absolute worst lists of the movies from 2014, and we read you MULTIPLE lists from MULTIPLE sources including fan lists on the show LIVE. So, join Huggy, Krayola, & Zuul as we... more