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Holly Hall has almost twenty years experience as a professional Astrologer and dream Expert. You can live a life consistent with YOUR inner core values and desires, rather than a life imposed from the outside.Call in to learn and recieve readings and advice.

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Find out what your moon sign means and how it relates to your past life and your MOM. If you do not know your moon sign you can go to www.astro.com and create your chart for free. Or Call in.

Spiritual vampires will pull you into their darkness before you'll ever draw them into the light, as my friend and teacher Brian says. They go about pulling people down; they understand the power of words--specifically, the complaint--to upset... more

Are you remembering tha past? Past love.past conversations,dialog with boss, love,family etc/ Are you eager to get past that dialogue? Tune in tonight I - Astrology can help!

The Law of Attraction-does this really work? What proof is there? AND can "The Secret" change our lives to our every whim? How? Holly says its not that easy as they say and so do the neuro scientists! Mavis says her research proves it... more

Venus rules our values, and when she is retrograde, we don’t seem to be in touch with exactly what and who we value. After the retrograde cycle is over, we may look back and wonder what the hell we were thinking. So, do what you can... more

Earth Air Water and Fire-Oh My! Yes our sun signs can help us discover the best weight loss program. What to eat and what excersize is best! Call in or just listen!

Frued or Jung Who is the correct DREAM EXPERT--Can dreams predict the future,solve inner deep problems, tap ino a past life? Carl Jung beleived so and so does Holly. Or is it just a jumble of thoughts still spinning from a long day,... more

Early just so I can treat ALL of you to an Oscar Extravaganza Astrological Report-Stars for the Stars!! Predictions for Brad and Angelina-Surprise for Meryl Streeps 60th yr Im Predicting and more! Join all of us the hour before the red... more

Do these Indigo Children exist?Ok Mavis wants to chat about this -I Have not seen any proof about these children? I am not a believe of them either. So join us and let debunk-Fact or Fiction do these Indigo Children exist? SO TUNE... more

Planets in Aquarious and Mercury in Capricorn-Its all about the forest THE BIG PICTURE-As well as the tree! Call in for a reading and find out how you fit in to your Big Picture. 9 pm est/8 ct/7mnt/6pst
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