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Zorra speaks through Dr. Kathryn E May, PsyD in a live trans-channelling involving "body swap."  Zorra explains his Cosmic Identity as Father God and why he assumed the "Zorra" identity, offering a more intimate, "family-type," communiction.  This has not happened in many years on this planet. This is an historic time - one of which you will tell your grandchildren ... the historic Shift in Consciousness. It is happening now.

Zorra announces St Germain's success in distributing gold bars to every country on the planet; those who will protect these funds and support humanitarian purposes. Iraq's funds first.  Next: Global Reset. New financial system will evolve slowly to avoid chaos.

Q & A using Zaraya, Zorra's son's surface body, for trans-channel. 

Q - Watch media announcements; listen carefully and you will understand. 

Q - Cancer victim. - Zorra explains group healing.

Q -  Pre-requirement to learn Kathryn's Visual Centering?

Q -  Hierarchy, starting with Prime Creator...

Q - Mass landings - global mass media instructions

Q - Family Galactic Mentors

Q - Kathryn tells of her experience in Zorra's Hollow Earth body and location.


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We welcome you to a continuation of these vists with Zorra, which have been part of our lives for over two years.


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