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Interact with Zorra and the Masters! - Healing for you, your family and friends. All are welcome! Today's call is a Special Event. It will be much like the Healing Call one month ago, on Thursday, June 25th. We had some extraordinary benefits... more

Zorra's knowledge and answers provide much insight into our expanding awareness. Tiredness? As our bodies change from carbon to crystalline/silicon, our metabolism must adjust. What about this high cosmic wave soon... more

And how be you, Beloved Masters? Today's Call Notes: Zaraya reads post WWII U-Boat 209 handwritten letter confirming "Hollow Earth exists." - ZORRA: RV underway w/some US Int'l Rate exchanges - Must we wait for New Republic? -... more

Here is a call FILLED with current planetary information we will not find any place else! Zorra's new 2,000 ft aero ship! And this video shows what he did with a 450-ft vessel! Thank you Zorra for protecting our planet! - Will Nibiru crash into... more

Today's call invites all who have benefited health-wise from Zorra's Healing Pulses or from Zorra's recommended health programs to join this health-fest as we share our good news! It's going to be fun - and we are in for some great... more

MANY OF ONE IS BACK! How to describe this unique, one-of-a-kind Universal Cutting Edge call? You will know if it is for you. And if it IS? You will never be the same! How did LOVE evolve? When did Creation begin? Where are we now?... more

And how be you, Beloved Masters? Our Saturday 2-hour calls return. And here is a brief overview of Zorra's Saturday, June 13th Call: Zorra tells what he observes, watching us globally. About those who recently died Caution regarding the... more

Indeed! It is time we get serious about preparing your bodies for Ascension! The Galactics' technology tells us 90% to 95% of the surface population will be qualified for Ascension. And for the first time, this mass Ascension will be done -... more

And how be you, Beloved Masters? Yes, we have fulfilled our Mission to introduce ourselves and enable your connection with our civilization in Hollow Earth. Please enjoy our archived radio shows. We have been meeting with... more