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THE LOVE CONNECTION - A FAMILY AFFAIR! Ashtar! St Germain! Michael Ellegion! Galactic Messages! Pull up a chair at the supper table - we are all here - Twin Flame Project with Fred - Intuitive Healer with Tiffany - Strength for... more

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS As we joined the Ancient Awakening's weekend Advance (retreat) we were treated to some very special channeled messages. SANANDA: All is in readiness - the Galactics - Hollow Earth and the Agarthans... more

THE LOVE CONNECTION - A FAMILY AFFAIR This was an exceptional call in so many ways. We learned the importance of having The Plug in our homes and how it influences our food, our relationships, and our frequency. A very low... more

TLC - THE LOVE CONNECTION - A FAMILY AFFAIR Well, first of all, the call didn't stop at two hours... you all had so much to share! We joined in our Oneness, woke up to more discernment, got a "tip" on mid-December "turning of... more

THE LOVE CONNECTION.LOVE This is an exceptional call - not to be missed! Even if you listen in segments. Tiffany's "story" is an awakening! - We learn the actual steps Fred took from where we/he was - to what he is experiencing now.... more

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS! MONTHLY CALL! One Who Serves takes us on a very special guided meditation with a surprise connection with the "New Energy." . Sananda greets us from the New Jerusalem with wonderful insight and... more

Welcome to TLC - The Love Connection! - A Family Affair Today we launch our new Collective Call - designed for a loving family interaction - each of us of equal importance. We have graduated into pre-Ascended Masters - assuming our... more

THE STORY OF CREATION - MANY OF ONE - CONTINUES TO UNFOLD Enjoy Peter Olson's enlightening recall of our eons of evolution, taking us, most recently, into material creation. Sit back and listen to Peter's easy dialogue of... more

WHAT A JOYOUS MESSAGE FOR ALL! Both a group message for all Earth Collective and a joyous personal message for each of us. - Yes, the energies are shifting into a personal upliftment - never before happening. A Twin Flame Love... more

NEW EARTH ASCENDING.COM What a lineup! 9:30 - Melinda Leslie - UFO Researcher and vortex guide! Imagine night vision that is 20,000 x light increase! 10:30 David Wagner - Tachyon Technologies - "They aren't miracles, but - they... more