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AN EXCEPTIONAL LINEUP! We will hear from Quan Yin in full body channel through Laura Lee Lizak from the Quan Yin Creation Center in Sedona, Arizona. Laura Lee has been channeling Quan Yin since 1992. And Quan Yin is looking... more

THE GUARDIANS HAVE ARRIVED Sananda stood aside to allow this special Message from The Guardians. - The ancient Guardians only come before a major shift occurs. This is their message: "We are here now to herald in the New Age... more

TODAY'S LINEUP! TIFFANY KEEFER - LOVE SEED ACTIVATION! - We heard Tiffany on the last call - an exceptional energy infusion in another tongue! And guess who really received this downloand of poweful energy? You'll hear,... more

Sananda speaks of The Event - a Cosmic Event! Ashtar applauds us in the spirit of Love. We turn on the Heart Lights, globally! How awaken others? - Cloud-ships! Will we see those who passed? I don't know how to meditate - There is an... more

Zorra: www.HollowEarthNetwork.com Zorra's ship is stationed at the North Polar Opening - monitoring vessels going to and fro... and from where do these vessels come? Hollow Earth vs. Inner Earth? - What is "Emergence?" - "Earth's... more

This is the call we have all been waiting for! Tonight, Zorra and his Beloved, Saryya, will lead us in a meditation and healing event. And here is a video Zorra would like you to listen to before the call: https://youtu.be/m8nmP71T51U... more

Join Peter Olson on his 5th show of the year...! http://www.manyofone.com/2016-1/ Peter Olson's direct recall outlines Creation from the Beginning. Today's call told us of the release of the veils, Earth and... more

Today's show will introduce the first in a series of introductions to many in our Lightworking community. I have been told by various sources that we are transitioning into one Earth Collective and it is so important that we all KNOW... more

What a call! This will pick you up! Yes, our beloved Sananda was here with good news and assurance. - One Who Serves and Ashira fielded our many questions giving new insights to many new and unique perspectives. If you are looking for... more