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TODAY - HOLLOW EARTH NETWORK! As our world changes before our eyes, we learn how our life can change and what to do about it. Guests reveal what they are contributing towrd our New Earth. How do we fit in? Zorra updates us on all that is transpiring, globally and cosmicly. Healing. Healing Pulse. www.HollowEarthNetwork.com
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Two days ago I was inspired to have a session with Michael Ellegion, as Prime Creator, St Germain, and Sananda would like to speak. Today, Wednesday, September 28, 2016, I had that session. And yes, we have received some... more

MANY OF ONE - THE STORY OF CREATION Peter Olson's recall has been underway and documented since 2003. This documents our complete history, beginning with our emergence from the Field of Potential - as we became Active... more

OUR SHOW * RAJA - Internationally recognized - tells of his first-hand experience with Telos and Adama. RAJA gives the deeper explanation of St Germain's Violet Flame. * Athena Star - Author of Celebrities in Spirit tells of her... more

Special announcement by Ted Mahr - a November symposium in South Korea with Zorra/Zaraya and Quazar. Know people in South Korea? You can help the setp-up! The first part with Zorra was SO interesting! Zorra tells not only about... more

Lightworkers are at work, globally! Dr Ali will tell how his 100,000 member organization is raising global vibrations! We learn we can easily afford to grow our own food, right at home, no matter where we live! A Tribute to One who... more

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS BRINGS TWO LIVE CHANNELS AND SPECIAL GUESTS! We have been looking forward to this call and the expected special guests. Founder James McConnell brings Sananda and One Who Serves. Sue... more

This morning we were treated to a special surprise visit by Michael Ryce who gave us the Aramaic Scriptures' translation of The Lord's Prayer. - Michael also gave new insight into the understanding of Forgiveness. We met Peter Gersten,... more

A SPECIAL HEALING CALL WITH ZORRA! This is one of those special event calls with Zorra, from Hollow Earth. Sign in on the Blog Talk Radio call-in number - raise your hand - and be prepared for a personal healing episode... more

Well, did we learn anything? Wow, did we! Not only did we go into every aspect of the RV... but so much more! - The Yellowstone volcano? - WW III? - IT Preachers announcing "The Rapture?" - Make contact - get a Wealth Manager... more