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Ways to Create a Better Impression on People If you are looking for ways in which you can create a positive impression on people, then here are some things that you can look out for. These are simple tricks and tips that can help you impress people in a better way. Work on your gait. The manner in which you approach people matters. Keep your shoulders upright and walk with a slight swagger. This makes people understand that you are a confident personality and they will like to be around you. Try developing a deep voice. Speak slowly, pronounce your words fully. Do not lisp. Do not hem and haw. All these are things that can help in creating that favorable impression on people. Smile when relevant. Do not over smile and do not be stingy with them either. Smile as much as is required, and if there is a joke, do give out a genuine laugh. You do not want people to think that you did not understand a joke. Wear some good perfume, not the cheap kind. Your perfume or deodorant should be unique if possible, not something that can be sensed on a hundred other bodies in the neighborhood. Wear elegant clothes but never overdress. Just wear what you are comfortable in. It does not matter whether what you are wearing is at the height of fashion at the moment or not. But you have to dress in a nice elegant manner that people will like to see.
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