Holistic Healing Hour

Holistic Healing Hour


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The aim of this show is to share safe, Holistic Healing protocols that will allow you and your family to achieve peak health and fitness naturally.

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This morning's guest is Yvonne D'Vasty, Reiki Mater Teacher. she will discuss the innovative program she has set up to bring Reiki to the community on a sustained, low cost basis. We will also preview Dr Sunlite Little's remarkable... more

Dr Little is a Naturopathic doctor who specializes in holistic therapies. She is a Body Worker, Reiki practitioner and acupresure practicioner. Her talk today is very topical with flu season upon us, "How to Never Get Sick" She will preview her... more

Cancer is caused primarily by nutritional deficiencies in the Standard American Diet, although external toxins also come into play. Cancer can only grow if your body is food or toxin damaged.. Discover what the damage is, correct it with... more

Many anti-diabetes medications have been removed from the market because of increased risk of side efffects, such as organ damage and death. A new study now includes insulin in the list of death dealing drugs. Double the risk of fatal... more

Studies have long shown that chronic use of oral diabetic meds, such as Metformin, increase the risks of liver damage and heart attack for diabetics. A new study now shows that Insulin kills type 2 diabetics! We will also introduce a... more

Two Alarming reports are revealed in this Holistic Healing Hour broadcast. The first is that insulin injections result in doubling the risk of death in T2 diabetics. The second is that what the cancer industry calls breast or prostate cancer... more

Your DNA is NOT your destiny. Scientists have discovered you can override your DNA! Tune in to discover how you can override your DNA. Don'tbecome another Angelina Jolie...

Diaetes is an epidemic, especially in the non-white communities. If you add those who are "pre-diabetic" more than 1 out of 3 americans and 1 out of 2 in some non white communities. You see, there is no such thing as pre diabetes. Either you... more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, just past, thankfully, was created is owned and controlled by- Astra Zeneca, a pharmaceutical company. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a very successful marketing ploy for the... more

Discover the powerful therapeutic powers of Curcumin, the cancer killer in your kitchen.