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We will discuss Holistic Wellness, and what it truly means to be well Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. We will cover stress management, cognitive behaviour, natural health and all topics that promote total wellness. Fateria is a Certified Natural Health Professional and loves to discuss all aspects of natural living! Look forward to talking to you.

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Wellness comprises the many parts of our life that make us whole, A financial check up can sometimes be just as important as a check up at the doctors office. According to recent research, over 80 % of all doctors visits are stress related. This stress come from job, family,and personal events, but I can safely assume that the majority of it has its root in a financial matter. A lack of finacial stress can affect a person, mentally, physically emotionally and even spiritually Join me as I interview the "Financial Doctor" Kghosi Johnson of Johnson Consulting & Associates. We will discuss cash flow budgeting and management, small business accounting and personal taxes. I want you to be well and whole in every area of your life and finances play a major role. I look forward to the show and don't you miss it!
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Join me as I interview Dr Kraft for this show! Dr. Maryanne Kraft graduated in 1991 from Lake Erie College in Painesville Ohio with a Bachelor of Science Degree She followed her first love, Equestrian Studies, and was a riding... more

Do you or someone you know suffer from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, migraines, backache and so forth. Are you tired of going to the doctors only to realize that the only solution they provide is medication? Join me as I interview... more

New estimates say that 90 % of all cancer is environmentally caused and thus preventable. Some people think that cancer is like lightening, it just strikes, but that is not how it really works. Cancer is a disease of our civilization. It is... more

We all have heard at one time or another about the need to detoxify our body, but do you also understand the need to detoxify your thoughts and emotions as well. Join us as we explore detoxification in a whole new light. You are sure to be... more

Many are living a wired life. The technolgical advances that surround us may help with our productivity to some degree, but for many it is the cause of many health problems. When we do not take the time to center ourself we become... more

Join us as we discuss seven steps to healing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Most of the time when we are facing a healing crisis, we tend to look for a fix outside of ourself, when true healing begins from the inside out. It... more

The effects of stress are a major health problem in the United States and many other Nations. One major reason may be change. We are living in a time of rapid technological, scientific, social and political change. For many people, the ability... more

Join us for this life changing topic on a healthy mind and healthy emotions for total wellness. Your attitude truly determines your altitude in life. We will dicuss the attitude of hope versus hopelessness, the power of our mind and emotions... more

Do you need more balance in your life? Join us this week for our topic on The Foundational Principles of Total Wellness. We will be discussing Overcoming Mental Mistakes. Our guest will be Carl West a Cognitive Behaviour Life Coach.... more

Do you need more balance in your life? Are you looking fo alernative solutions to everyday living? This wellness series is for you. Join us as we discuss the foundational principles for total wellness. Total wellness is being balanced... more
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