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Justin Singleton, Steve Oliver, and Wesley Wilson are bringing you the best in practical theology. Listen Mondays for Discipleship Today as Steve and Wesley lead you through practical discussions on deep theological issues involving finances, music, technology, relationships, forgiveness, or doctrine. Then listen Thursdays to the Justin Singleton Show as Justin takes you for a twist in discussing the deep controversial issues that surround the evangelical world, including issues of politics, theology, and morality. Of course, neither of these shows would be anything without your calls, your thoughts, and your intellectual support! To do this, we are hosting a wide range of media resources, including these live, internet talk shows. See our webpage for all the additional resources including podcasts, audio, and text materials - all designed to help you become more like Jesus!

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Is the believer truly secure? What do conservative holiness people believe in this area? More importantly, what does the Bible teach about this? Dr. Steve Oliver tackles these questions from a conservative Wesleyan theological and biblical... more

I've been attending Bob Jones University, a stongly Baptist-influenced school, for the last seven years. At the end of it I am more strongly conservative holiness than ever. Here's why.

The allegations of child molestation against Jerry Sandusky, formerly on the coaching staff at Penn State University have made many headlines. The lack of response by those who knew of the alleged abuse has generated further... more

With Tuesday's controversial Mississippi ballot initiative on declaring a human's legal personhood to vest at conception, hopes are high among some pro-life activists that this referendum will be a big step toward ending abortion. Others... more

Is the typical American church following the pattern of church leadership that the New Testament gives us? Pastor Darrell Stetler II doesn't think so, and he tells us why. Tune in at 6 PM for this discussion of what church leadership is... more

Call in at 6 PM to talk about presidential politics and current events with Wesley Wilson on Discipleship Today. The presidential race, Libya, Occupy Wall Street--if it's happening in the world today, we'll talk about it. Can a Christian vote for a... more

Is church membership a biblical concept? What does it provide for the body as a whole? What does it do for the individual? Join Wesley Wilson on Discipleship Today for an interview with Darrell Stetler II, pastor of Oklahoma City Bible... more

What is the Church, and what is the local church supposed to be doing? How should it go about accomplishing God's mission? Join Wesley Wilson on Discipleship today for an interview with Pastor Darrell Stetler II on this important... more

What is the true meaning of love? Okay, now how does the Bible describe it? Many of us have our own definition of what love is, but the biblical definition is often quite different.

In America today, stopping the large volume of illegal immigration is a top priority to many political conservatives. What does the Bible say about welcoming immigrants? If Old Testament law should be a guide for our civil law, how... more
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