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    100Radio Episode 20: Abortion and Cohabitation

    in Lifestyle

    100Radio Episode 20: Abortion and Cohabitation
      • Abortion: Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Do you feel like there are certain situations that abortion is more suitable then bringing the child into the world? Lets discuss it!   • Cohabitation: Is it a good idea before marriage? Once living together should there be separate bedrooms? How much space is too much?   • Is there anything that a woman can do to prevent her man from straying? Ex: Cook and clean, give him sex whenever he wants it (even if she isn't in the mood), appearances, take on his personal interests/hobbies, ect...   • Why do nice guys finish last? What is it that causes women to leave drama free relationships to pursue trouble?   Also:   • Women Proposing To Men: Is this ever ok? How does it make men feel?   • Online Dating: what are some of your horror stories for online dating?     Have any questions or topics that you would like to hear on the show? Email us: 100Radio206@gmail.com

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    Psychic Development Questions and Answers with Francine

    in Spirituality

    Every month Lightmuse Intuitive Living Radio hosts a show where students, graduates and the just curious can ask all kinds of questions about psychic development, clairvoyant training, intuition, aura reading and anything related to those topics! Questions are asked by ACC student representative Catherine H. who is collecting a large folder of questions for this show and future shows.  You can email Catherine with questions to be asked on the show at catherine@lightmuse.com.  Answers are not prepared in advance; Francine does not see the questions before the show, so the whole tone of the show is spontaneous and fun.
    Francine Marie is the Director and Founder of the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness, www.clairvoyanceacademy.com.

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    Don Todrin - "Essential Financial Systems Small Business"

    in Finance

    Don's Topic This Week Is: "Essential Financial Systems For the Small Business Owner"
    Profit and loss depend upon how efficiently you manage the finances of the business.  
    In this edition of the broadcast Don will discuss: 
    * Critically important Invoice Terms. 
    * A system for collecting receivables.
    * A system for managing your payables. 
    *A proven 'cash control' system.   
    *Holding you accountant, accountable.   
    * Are you paying too much in taxes? 
    Download Don's FREE e-book HERE

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    You Make What?

    in Hobbies

    A weekly half-hour call-in show all about homebrewing, making beer at home.

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    Ashford Publishing Radio Presents Patrick M. Conte

    in Social Networking

    Since the economy went into a downward spiral a few years ago, investing and gaining assets is a tricky industry.  Patrick M. Conte is an executive at Numis Network where they focus on the idea of collecting assets instead of debt.


    Hosted by Rose Claire

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    You Do Not Know Who They Know

    in Lifestyle

    You Do Not Know Who They Know

    It would probably surprise you to know about some of the influential people that some of your fellow associates and others know. Don’t assume that just because someone works in an unrelated industry, that person isn’t a referral source for you. It doesn’t take a corporate executive to connect you with a corporate executive.
    People, members and others have connections through their family, friends, and hobbies, as well as their clients and colleagues. Never overlook the networking possibilities of an event or a possible in just a meeting, no matter what kind of event it is or how unlikely it seems.
    The dentist, the cosmetic salesperson, marketers, the gardener, mothers, fathers, businesses may be the biggest source of referrals in your world.
    You never know who you are sitting next to.

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    G3 Year 2 - 4/20/2012

    in Hobbies

    Finally it has been almost 3 years but we finally did it. Yes we have finally made it to the more recent generation G3's. So join us as we welcome the new girls in to the herd. We galloping along and right in to year 2 which brought more surprises than the first yera did.  Join us as we continue our trip down the lane of G3's.

    Join us for the fun and wacky conversations too.

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    The Survival Podcast

    in Family

    The Survival Podcast
    Episode-895- Will Bratton and Sam Bagot on Open Source
    Sam Bagot and Will Bratton are woking togehter on an open source agriculture project called horto domi.   Horto domi is an open hardware raised-bed garden unit with environmental control and monitoring via web-interface thanks to Arduino Ethernet. DIY sensors, such as those collecting moisture and temperature data help monitor the environment within the dome and will eventually be used to automate conditions.
    The goal is to grow whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you are. Horto domi is Latin for ‘Garden at home.’ It’s a statement to healthful food independence, a “neo-renaissance” tip of the hat to Arduino, and it sounds like horticultural dome. Particular consideration was taken in this prototype’s design to maximize the mineral and nutrient value of the beyond-organic produce and minimize environmental contamination risks.
    Sam and Will are looking for Kickstarter funding that will satisfy all the elements necessary for an open hardware publication per the definition provided by FreedomDefined.org/OSHW. However, with additional funding they will be able to pursue further open source innovation, development and publication. They hope our community will support their idea for using contemporary open technology to achieve relative food independence so that we may all better address the goal of individual and community self sufficiency.

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    Springtime Crafts

    in Hobbies

    Crafted Spaces Radio host Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby invites you to chat about creative springtime crafts.
    We also launch our Springtime Giveaway!

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    POP2POLITICS: The John Edwards Trial

    in Politics

    Last week the trial of John Edwards started in North Carolina.  The former senator and presidential candidate is is facing six felony charges, including four counts of collecting illegal campaign contributions, as well as one count each of conspiracy and making false statements. What are your thoughts on John Edwards? Call us toll free at 877-572-4288 and have your say.

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    WSJ's Your Money Matters P.M., April 24, 2012

    in News

    Deciding when to start collecting Social Security can be a tough decision ... and, Ford is shying away from the retro look! Jim Chesko reports.

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    How Boring is Your Life?

    in Self Help

    Mon 4/30/12: How Boring is Your Life?
    Let’s discuss your boring friends, relationships, jobs and hobbies.  Why is your life boring?  What do you want instead?

    How do we describe this show? It's like comedians giving free therapy each week! What? We're qualified
      Mondays (7-8 PM ET) our website becomes live with expert personal development guests, friends of comedy, your co-hosts comedians Tim Cornett, John Wellington and I all helping you live fearless! That’s right, stop the bullshit…no more stress, worry, anger and negativity in your life. Learn how to replace it instantly in the moment with positivity, laughter, and fun.
      What Are You Bitching About Today?
    Call in about the topic of the week, give us your “F$&! Offs” or post on our message board so we can discuss it live on air. F$&! Offs can be anything you want to vent about including:
    • People (friends, family, neighbors, baby mommas, baby daddys)
    • States of Mind (depression, anxiety)
    • Situations (divorce, financial problems, legal issues)
    • Companies (cable company, bill collectors, bad customer service)
    • News Stories (current events, politicians, celebrities)
      Oh and We’ll F$&! With Anyone Bothering You Until You Feel Better!