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    The PAW Report (Episode 6)

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    WICKED #11 fall out, and Heat Wave build up, Matches, Feuds, The Future, Interfeding, and more. Special Guest: 

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    TW68: That Girl is Poison

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    This isn't the first time that Jonathan is taking on more than one contestant at a time. But 3 players at once? It's possible that he's lost his mind. In fact, it's certain that he's lost his mind. It will be interesting to see if he can pull it off. Carmela hosts this weeks show.
    Thanks for all of your votes for the 2016 Podcast Awards over the last 2 weeks. We'll find out if we won on June 26. Win or lose, you guys had our back and we can't say thank you enough.
    If you're interested in putting up a little green to help support the show please head over to www.patreon.com/TWA to look through some options.
    And don't forget, if you're interested in signing up for Lootcrate be sure to use the link www.lootcrate.com/TWA and use TWA in the coupon code.

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    MLP G4 Year 3 part 4 - 06/01/2016

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    YIKES year 2 has flow past even faster than year 1 did.  We are already are at year 3.  My goodness at this rate we will be with the current toys as quickly as you can think.  Join us as we start into year 3 lickity split.
    Note we always start our shows with 'Pony news' for the week which includes packages recieved by thoses in the chat and cohosts and host.  We also open some packages live on the air.  To make it seem like everyone is getting something. The amount of packages opened on air will be fewer, but we promise will be exciting to hear about.  Also join us for the Blind Bag Pony of the week.  We are also doing this as this line is current and right now short, therefore this helps us to lengthen the year so that we do not run out of content.  We also discussed fair information as well, including our plans.
    Please note that we will be using multiple sites for this one including:
    My Little Wiki
    MLP Land
    Strawberry Reef's site
    If any of our listeners know of a good website to use please contact us.
    Also join us for our wacky conversations.
    Please note that we maybe late in starting our topic due to issues beyond our control.  If co-hosts are not yet at their computers or we get distracted please bare with us.  We are not always perfect.  PONY HUGS.
    Also if we continue to be off topic we will change the topic of the show to reflect that.  Also we don't take random callers due to the issues we have had with random people in the chat rooms.  We keep this a family friendly show and want to keep it that way.

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    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast Ep.38 - How Much $$ Are Koi Fish Worth?

    in Hobbies

    Koi fish are the most expensive fish in the world. How much are your koi fish worth? Check out episode 38 of the Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast and see if you have a pots of gold swimming in your pond. Can you cash out on your fish, or is all that money just a myth? Join Mike Gannon, The Pond Hunter, while we explore how to determine the value of koi fish. Learn what sort of criteria the pros use to determine the price tag of a koi fish and what you need to consider before selling or buying your next koi fish. Are you're fish going to make you rich? Let's find out!
    If you enjoy this show please give it a review.
    Find more Pond Hunter on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, and Itunes.
    "In The Pursuit Of All Things Aquatic"
    All material from this podcast solely owned by Mike Gannon.

  • 01:59

    Behind The Glass - The Aquarium and Reptile Hobby "Then and Now"

    in Hobbies

    Join us tonight as we take a look at these hobbys though time.
    First hour we will be looking at the aquarium hobby including everything from marine tanks to betta bowls and everything in between!
    The Facts About Green Terrors and Gold Saums "Maybe!"...and more!
    Second Hour we will delve into the world of the reptiles and take a look at how not only science but also technology has takena  huge role in the reptiles that we can keep now compaired to 20 years ago.
    Topics to be covered include but are not limited to;
    enclosures heating foods rare reptiles breeding gecko and snake morphology and many more

  • 01:59

    11th Annual "24 Hours @ Saginaw" 2016

    in Hobbies

    Your host is Skip Waters, organizer of the 11th Annual "24 Hours @ Saginaw" 2016, a 24 hour railwatching event sponsored by the North Texas Chapter, NRHS.  Join us with local guests attending "24 Hours @ Saginaw" as we share the fun and exciting activities happening at the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce depot in Saginaw, Texas.  A Hot Spot to watch Trains in North Texas!  Lots to hear and talk about.  Join us and our regular callers at 10:00 AM Pacific, 12:00 Noon Central Time. The call in telephone number is 646-716-7106.  It's Time to Watch Trains!

  • 00:34

    EP89 -Master Cutler Bryan Baker from Svord talkes to Stephen about Knifes

    in Hobbies

    Bryan Baker, Master Cutler started his knife making business from necessity in 1983. Made redundant by the untimely demise of an engineering firm, the 18 year old decided to turn a hobby into a practical business.
    The early SVORD Knives were forged individually and therefore expensive. Bryan Baker had to rethink his production methods and pricing to secure a share of the New Zealand sports market. He began using the 'stock removal' method and soon carved a niche in the sports market, with attractive, affordable, handmade outdoor knives.
    Designs improved styles and a steady demand saw SVORD Knives grow in credibility and popularity with the sporting public of New Zealand.
    A chance meeting with an elderly Czechoslovak knife maker gave Bryan Baker's business a real boost for this master craftsman was able to pass on to Baker many cutlers secrets and knife know-how. Especially important was the unique hardening and tempering process which gave Bryan Baker's knives a special edge of strength and durability.
    Baker immediately set about to build his own hardening and tempering plant using his newly acquired skills and knowledge. Today, every SVORD Knife is treated and tempered on the premises. The combination of quality Swedish cutlery steel and Baker's process for heat treating and tempering produces a truly superb blade.


  • 01:59

    The Gentlemen's Club: E3 Edition, In Memory of Microsoft

    in Hobbies

    Join Jonathan and Nick as they discuss the best and worst of the E3 Convention, highlighting all the fun things they saw, along with mocking the things they hate.  We'll take calls and discuss the insanity.

  • 02:01

    Aquarium News Guppy Breeding Workshop

    in Hobbies

    This special edition of Aquarium News is devoted exclusively to guppy breeding and the world of designer guppies.  Bill and Steve are joined by special guest, Philip Shaddock the owner of GuppyDesigner.com and the author of the breakthrough book "The Guppy Color Manual" as well as several other books on guppy care and genetics. Philip is also well known for his iconic creation, the See-Thru Guppy.

  • 00:30

    Treasure Hunter Radio - George Lesche of Predator Tools

    in Hobbies

    You have probably seen his tools in 90% of the metal detecting videos on YouTube. And he will be on the air with me for a great discussion on his tools and stories of which I hear he has many.

  • 01:00

    Prim Talk Radio #34

    in Hobbies

    Primitive crafters talk radio

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