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  • New Year, New You, New Us

    in Fun

    At the top of the "Must Do" list to make a success of any goal or endevor or New Year's resolution is "Commitment." With that in mind, today's program will be a live show from "Lifetime Fitness" location in San Antonio. "Lifetime Fitness" and the "San Antonio Road Runners" running club are co-sponsoring a 5k fun run this morning. We'll be speaking with a couple of guests about running, commitment, and senior activities. Please join us!


    in Paranormal

    I was brought up in a haunted house but my interest in the paranormal wasn't through ghosts .but a possible UFO sighting at the age of 9..I am spokesman and a team member from ghost searchers Ireland and one of a very few to off investigated the famous haunted triangle ..I have worked and learned in my eyes some of the best in the field including Robb Demerast ,Brian j cano and Barry Fitzgerald ..my moto today is we don't look for ghosts we look for answers ..

  • Our Etheric DNA - Strands of Consciousness

    in Paranormal

    is this world changing more than we know? Is it possible that along with the political and environmental changes, our DNA is also taking on a transformation of its very own? Are we slowly becoming immune to the disastrous illnesses and poor diets that have been killing us for many years now? Scientists have already witnessed these new changes that have taken place in the last few decades. Are we evolving into a whole new human race?
    Well, Rev. Maria D'Andrea and Mimi dare to examine these theories and to take a look at what this means for the future world. What is the bigger picture in all of this? Don't forget to visit www.Mariadandrea.com to gain further info & to contact Rev. Maria D'Andrea for her psychic services, courses and speaking engagements, or call Maria @ 631-559-1248.
    Visit www.MQuestMedia.com for video segents, articles and to purchase "A Life in Progress of a Practical Spiritualist" written by Miriam A. Silver - the telling of an intimate spiritual journey. To read further on this topic, please read Drunvalo's article @ www.ascensionnow.co.uk or read "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 2".

  • Energy Efficiency Through Toronto Window Replacement

    in Podcasting

    Increase Energy Efficiency Through Toronto Window Replacement
    As a homeowner, everybody wants to save money in terms of efficiency and overall utility bills. One of the significant approaches is to start with Toronto window replacement because faulty and damaged windows are usually the reason of increased energy consumption. Whether it’s about spending cold nights or hot days, windows are always intended to give their 100% and ensure comfort throughout the year.
    Among various problems leading to Toronto window replacement, energy conservation turns out to be a crucial aspect because it is responsible to provide comfort and satisfaction. If windows are chosen and installed properly, nothing would go wrong at any cost. So, what to consider then? Let’s find out.
    Energy Efficiency Ratings
    While searching for energy efficient windows, the primary thing is to look at their performance that is explained by their ratings. Most of the people are unable to understand that apart from outside temperature, heat can also enter through the windows, meaning that they should be resistant or block their entry beforehand. The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHCG) rating is responsible to dictate the amount of heat blocked by the components. Be sure that this rating depends upon the climate, meaning that higher SHCG is favorable for the residents of Toronto. Such windows are more efficient to keep the warm air inside during winter and hot air outside during summer.

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    Great Loop Radio: Looping on a Budget

    in Travel

    On this week's episode of Great Loop Radio, Captain John Wright of the popular website, CaptainJohn.org, joins us to talk about budgeting for the Great Loop.  As Capt. John prepares for his 10th voyage around the Loop, he'll share details on how he's Looped while spending less than $8,000 on boat-related expenses (fuel, marinas).

  • CoffeeTalk Conversations Radio Chats with Author & Speaker Felicia Brookins

    in Podcasting

    Join CoffeeTalk Conversations host Ms. Bridgette Lewis. She'll chat with writer Felicia Brookins about her new book "Sister Nadeen's WAYS." headusher at Greater Trials MB Church and the pastor's right hand. Nadeen is a self-proclaimed sanctified wife and mother. She has no time for nonsense, especially not from her husband, daughters, or members of her congregation. I'm excited to interview my very special guest. Join and follow the show on twitter @CoffeeTalkJazz & @Bsimplyspeaking.
    Advertising opportunities are currently available through the CoffeeTalk Radio show page. Contact our office for pricing details: CoffeeTalkJazzRadio@msn.com
    CoffeeTalk T-Shirt are on SALE: All sizes in stock Black or White Our pricing includes $30.00 that includes shipping all payment will be made via paypal.

  • Fat 101

    in Fun

    Seems like "fat" is part of every sales pitch that has to do with diet and nutrition. Yet is it the evil it's made out to be? Fat is one of the necessary macro nutrients and the right kind in the right quantity is essential for good health. :Learn how it works, and how it can both help and hurt you. Sometimes having that knowledge is all it takes to control the amount of fat showing on your body.


    in Paranormal

    Scott, a witty paranormal investigator since the 1990s, has appeared in the TV shows Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Paparazzi and Paranormal Challenge. He also created the first paranormal web show,"Haunted Wolfe Manor." His speaking engagements, imbued with what he calls the worst comedy ever, takes him all over the world. SCOTT TRAVELS THE WORLD SPREADING LAUGHTER AND HOPE THAT OTHERS WILL FIND WHAT HE HAS ! THIS SHOW EILL BE A LAUGH A MINUTE PLEASE WEAR YOUR DIAPERS WE ARE NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR LOSS OF BLADDER CONTROL

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    Re-Broadcast: Drash of Titans of Space

    in Video Games

    This is a re-broadcast of Gaming Chords with Drash from Titans of Space. 
    Drash got his start in the virtual reality world in 2013 by releasing an early prototype of "Titans of Space" along with other popular demos. He also created "Telescopic", an Oculus Mobile VR Jam finalist and was the lead developer for "Apollo 11 VR", an award-winning cinematic/education title.
    In "Titans of Space," Drash brings users on a narrated tour of our Solar System and a few of the largest stars. The game provides up-to-date facts and accurate visuals of over 40 celestial bodies. He came up with the idea during a long road trip, and wanted to share information on our solar system with others. Drash has started early access for for "Titans of Space 2.0" for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive retail headsets. The mobile version of the game now has a combined 1.5 million downloads. It can also be viewed in 100 California libraries that have an Oculus Rift available. 

  • Sunday Free Psychic Readings at 3 pm PST, 646-727-2914, with Lennis & Nina

    in Paranormal

    Welcome to "Sunday FREE Psychic Readings" with Lennis and Ms. Nina here at 3 pm PST or 6 p EST.  Brought to you by The Essence of Success Radio Network, here on blog talkradio.  Thank you for joining and supporting the show.  Show phone number is 646 - 727 - 2914.  Website: www.theessenceofsuccess.com    One question per caller please, so everyone gets an opportunity.  You are always welcome to call back into the show with a second question.  The Chat Room is always open, and your Moderator is Ms. Nina. Time to time we will have other guest Psychics joining the show to share there experiences, and gifts.
    For more information or to schedule a private reading go to the website, right side of page scroll down to Psychic Readings.  Readings are done Monday to Friday 11 am to 7pm PST or EST, we can accomdate your time frame.  Spread the word tell your family and friends about our show every Sunday, you just might learn something new.  If no one has told you they love you today well...........me and Ms. Nina do.


    in Paranormal

    Stefan Brigati has been involved in the paranormal since he was a young child thinking that spirits was a normal part of life.
    Started keeping a journal of experiences until the journals were overflowing with paranormal activity which led him to start a paranormal team in 1993 called Pacific Coast Paranormal. They have been on hundreds of cases since then and have been featured in many books, magazines TV shows and has been a consultant for the film industry. He currently hosts an International radio show called My Darkest Hour Radio on LiveParanormal and History FM Radio. Stefan also travels the country doing paranormal expos and convention doing seminars to help bring education to those looking for information on the paranormal. Even with many years of experience he finds new discoveries with the paranormal and continues to share with others.

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