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    Talk with Mike under the stars.

    in Paranormal

    Just a 30 minute show tonight to get out what we will be doing on our new show around the first of January.  Also I will mention a bad problem that took place with my cell phone provider.  As we ar not worried about doing along with we will tallk about problems friends have had,just messace me or call me. Thank you in the advance for the listen from all the great people out in internet radio land !!   Great Friday eve tomorrow...............   ;)

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    American Hauntings

    in Paranormal

    This week we take an in depth look at two famous American hauntings and try to understand what forces could be at play.  Eastern State Penitentiary, synonymous with pain and suffering.  Its' halls are said to be walked by the souls of prisoners long past, forever reliving the agiush they endured.  Vistors have recalled feelings of dread just passing through the long grey corridors.
    Gettysburg, where the long blue and grey lines turned the lush green countryside red with their blood.  Reports of formations on the field and troop movements in the brush have been reported by modern visitors.  Could there be a physical explanation that ties these places of suffering to such apparitions?
    Please join us as we seek to understand the forces at work in these and other places and we would love to hear of any experience you may have had.

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    #StartSpeakingStopStigma: Mental Health Mondays

    in Podcasting

    It's time to liberate ourselves and allow our minds to be Emotionally Emancipated from the lies that have sabotaged us subconsciously since before our births. It's time to dive HEADFIRST into the #StartSpeakingStopStigma movement. It's time we realize that "Black Mental Health Matters!!"  Join me as I simultaneously broadcast LIVE right here on Facebook AND The MSKeepItMoving Radio Show June 26th at 8:30pm for Mental Health Mondays. I will share with you why the #StartSpeakingStopStigma movement has become so important to me. I'll share the challenges I face daily to become Emotionally Emancipated from my own fears and embrace who I know God has created me to be and I'll share with you the importance of promoting Mental Health Awareness and Education Mind, Body & Spirit.  If you have questions you would like answered during the live show or if you would like to share your personal journey to become Emotionally Emancipated, please inbox me. You can also send your questions or share your personal journey via email at startspeakingstopstigma@gmail.com No matter what, KEEP IT MOVING! ~MSKeepItMoving K.I.M. 4U, Inc.  #StartSpeakingStopStigma

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    Special broadcast|Beauti Haiku Show | Cupid Bar | Bar Talk

    in Fun

    Welcome to happy hour at Cupid Bar a  twice-monthly segment in the style of a virtual hip bar that
    romantic love expert cupid himself envisioned after several adult beverages one late night out with host Beauti haiku, this  bar features commentary & Questions from anonymous hopeless romantics & more!
    Tune in for tips & mysterious beverages.  
    The beauti haiku show also includes special appearances by guest and fans so tune in for a chance to win a Beauti Swagg Bag on live shows!  You can also listen-in weekly by subscribing on iTunes, Stitcher and Spreaker.com
    It’s a Live Beauty Party every monday night in the beauty Zone!

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    Bumbles Sunday Show EP2

    in Other Games


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    The Plastics GTA

    in Hobbies

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