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    Colorado Bigfoot Sightings - Bigfoot Confessional

    in Podcasting

    Join me tonight as I speak with Jim out at the Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, CO.  Jim has had a couple of experiences he shares with me, and talks about his obsession with the subject of Bigfoot.  Bailey has becomes a sighting confessional for Central Colorado.  Jim shares his stories about his own encounters, and the people who come to him to have their story heard.  Tune in, put your feet up, and enjoy!  As always, thanks for listening!.
    - Dave - 

  • 00:44

    SHF Radio #78: Girl Scout Memorabilia Collecting with Becky Byrns

    in Hobbies

    http://www.ScoutingHotFinds.com Becky Byrns was the first collector to host a national Girl Scout collectors show back in the 1990s.  Now with 15 shows under her belt and another coming up in a few weeks she is my guest on Scouting Hot Finds Radio.  Becky and I talk about the unique points of Girl Scout memorabilia including badges, dolls, jewelry and more.  Since I've been collecting Girl Scout stuff for about four years I've enjoyed leaning on her as a resource and was excited to get her on the show to share that with everyone.  We also try and compare and contrast how Boy Scout collecting is different from Girl Scouts. 

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    Horror Play 51 (Layers of Fear)

    in Video Games

    What is it about mansions that make them so creepy? For this episode of Horror Play, the HP crew gets together to discuss a game that goes a little mad. Winding corridors, blood splattered paintings, and a room full of crazy dolls are just some horrific things they experience.  This is a game like no other.  
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    Casual Conversations with Duncan Cameron – Episode #1

    in Paranormal

    Casual Conversations with Duncan Cameron – Episode #1 | 02/18/2017
    This is part ONE, of an ongoing series. In this revealing introductory episode of Other World Global Radio, Sandra D. Sabatini receives a surprise call from “Duncan Cameron”—the renowned psychic/brilliant genius involved in the inception of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.
    What follows is an open and spontaneous conversation with Duncan as he shares his story, and discusses some of his research, information about the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project, Stranger Things (the Netflix show) and MUCH more. The listener will be pleased to hear an enjoyable channel of communication has been set to open further on-going casual radio conversations with Duncan. Much more will be revealed on future episodes.
    The information shared today may be challenging for the average person to process. As a result, we encourage all of our listeners and truth seekers to listen to this interview a few times to order to attain a better understanding of the knowledge imparted.
    Open your hearts and playful minds to the serendipity of this event stream, brought to you by the will of the universe for all to enjoy.
    #OtherWorldGlobalRadio #OtherWorldGlobalNetwork #SandraDSabatni #DuncanCameron #PhiladelphiaExperiment #MontaukProject #TimeTravel #StarGates #ProjectRainbow #PhoenixProject #ProjectPegasus #StrangerThings

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    in Paranormal

    A Reading about the  PROBLEMS  in your life!...

  • 02:43

    Consequences Of Dating A Narcissist/Sociopath with Trenton Hawley

    in Podcasting

    Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be discussing the behaviors of people with Personality Disorders with a focus on Narcissists & Sociopaths. We'll be joined by Trenton Hawley who has had a 6 year relationship & marriage with someone who he found out too little too late was a Sociopath. Trenton has since started a YouTube channel where he's uploaded tons of videos on his 6 year experience of the mental abuse he's encountered in his marriage. We, the hosts of It's Real Talk Radio too have had our own experiences with dating and dealing with Narcissists & Sociopaths as well and I'll be the first to tell you that it's an experience you want to avoid at all costs!
    This is no reality show; this is the real deal! There's nothing fictional about these horrific experiences!! We're here tonight to shed light on this issue and to enlighten those of you who may be dating or married to someone you believe to have a Personality Disorder but can't quite put your finger on what the diagnosis is. Trust and believe you don't need a therapist to tell you how to recognize the signs of a Narcissist/Sociopath! Oh and you'd better hope you're not dating an actual psychopath because you, your kids and other family's lives may be in danger but that's a whole different discussion!
    Dating a Sociopath can be hazardous to your mental health! It also can have financial repercussions! Sociopaths lack empathy and will destroy you from the inside out to achieve their agendas (whatever that may be). Narcissists are arrogant & self-centered. They also lack empathy and prey on others to achieve their goals. To find out more, tune-in tonight at 9PM ET. It's time to spread awareness and air out these scam artists!
    Trenton's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOIdzmdWaFkM4I7aVOjqGCA

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    Beyond The Forest Radio Welcomes Investigator Preston Dennett!

    in Paranormal

    Beyond The Forest Radio is thrilled to welcome Investigator Preston Dennett!
    Please join host Sanjay R Singhal on Tuesday, 21 February, 2017 at 7pm CT/8pm ET for this exciting programme!
    Preston began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986, when he discovered that his family, friends, and co-workers were having dramatic, unexplained encounters.  Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena.  Preston is a field investigator for MUFON, a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and also the author of twenty books and more than one hundred articles on UFOs and the paranormal.  His articles have appeared in numerous magazines, and he has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes, including Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell, Coast to Coast with George Knapp, and many others.  His research has been presented in the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News, the Dallas Morning News, and others, and he has taught classes on paranormal subjects and lectures across the United States.  Presently, Preston resides in Reseda, California.
    Preston's latest book Inside UFOs presents the cutting edge of UFO research with ten, all-new original cases of extensive contact.  A wide variety of ETs are represented, including various types of greys, praying mantis-type ETs, humanoids, and Nordics.  The witnesses are normal, everyday people who suddenly find themselves in very unusual situations; the unique nature of the cases in this book will surprise even those well-versed in UFO literature and history!
    This is sure to be a very exciting programme; DON'T MISS IT!
    Please join us on Tuesday, 21 February, 2017 at 7pm CT/8pm ET; the chatroom will be open for listeners to offer questions/comments

  • 01:37

    Waking Up With Billy Carson of @4BiddenKnowledge

    in Podcasting

    [YouTube Video Version: https://youtu.be/D5qP-go3xAw] Seems like each episode is getting more and more in-depth and intricate as we dive deeper into the rabbit hole. We are honored to have on Billy Carson of @4BiddenKnowledge to discuss the plethora of fringe and popular topics! Talking about things like Free Energy, the physio-static nature of the pyramids, the Antideluvian time period, to even the hotbed of questions that comes with talking about Antarctica! He even reveals some high level information for you guys as well. If you are unaware as to who Billy Carson is, I highly advise you to check out his work on his website, his blog as well as his social media outlets. The diverse levels at which he delivers information is stunning! If you found this episode helpful or enlightening, please share it with others!  
    Billy Carson's Information: Website: [http://www.4biddenknowledge.com/] GaiaTV Channel: [https://www.gaia.com/lp/4bidden-knowledge/] YouTube Channel: [https://www.youtube.com/user/The4biddenKnowledge] Instagram: @4BiddenKnowledge Twitter: @4BiddenKnowledge Blog: [https://niume.com/profile/41709] -- Five Factions Within The Secret Space Program: [https://niume.com/post/168034] -- Ark Of The Covenant Article: [http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-engineer-who-said-the-ark-of-the-covenant-was-a-gia-1598583115] Billy Carson Anomaly Photos: [  ]

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    The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast Ep.48 - Autism and Koi Pond Therapy

    in Hobbies

    Join your host Mike Gannon for episode 48 of The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast, "Autism and Koi Pond Therapy". Autism is being described as an epidemic in the USA. American families are struggling to cope with the challenges that come with raising an ASD child. Koi and goldfish ponds just may be part of the solution to some of the issues these families deal with. Listen in to hear what The Pond Hunter has to say about this developing  and growing concern of many American families and children.
    For those interested in discussing "Calm Areas" and "Aquatic Environments" project possibilities: Full Service Aquatics can be reached at 908.277.6000 or email: mgannon@fullserviceaquatics.com
    Find more Pond Hunter on:
    All content from this broadcast solely owned by Mike Gannon.

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    WWTS presents: Spiritual Community Headaches, Hassles, and Horse Sh*t!

    in Paranormal

    Join us on the porch at 8pm EST as we for once dish out a little "Tea" within the Spiritual Community. But instead of doing it to tear down, we're doing it to expose some flaws and help you all stay informed.  We're doing it as a way of pushing back against the con artists and to lead you to some real workers.  We'll also be giving out some work to help bring money to you this Holiday Season.  We're looking forward to seeing y'all on the porch!

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