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    wicked Naked

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    Denise Pridemore from Pridemore Paranormal and tour guide at"The Sallie House"

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    Denise Pridemore is originally from Baltimore and lived in Virginia, New Jersey, Arkansas, Missouri and settled in Eastern Kansas. She has been having paranormal experiences since her earliest memories. She has a lifetime of experiences paranormal, intuitive, and real life. She has been seeking answers to the paranormal since she can remember, but recalls a time when talking about the paranormal, premonitions, and supernatural phenomenon was taboo. We started Pridemore Paranormal in 2009. We became volunteers in 2011 for the Infamous Sallie House in Atchison, KS. Due to the experiences Denise has had at the Sallie House, she was asked to be on Ghost Adventures to give the guys a tour. That was a very interesting experience for Denise and has brought her some local and national popularity. They are also volunteers at the Historic McPike Mansion in Alton, IL.

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    Life Through My Eyes

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    Journalist, Morning Talk Show Host, Professional Ballet Dancer, Advocate to stop violence against women, Periscope Broadcaster and World Traveler...The amazing Irina Ivic joins us today!
    An excerpt from Irina's biography.
    As a video journalist, I travelled and filmed reports in Serbia, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Hanover. As a journalist, producer and anchor I was working on a series “The Children in Need”, in cooperation with UNICEF.  I was a trademark face and a host of a promotional film in a campaign "We are changing diabetes" organized by The Republic Health Insurance Fund and host of the show "Innovators" from which RTS selects and rewards the best scientific innovations in Serbia each year.   A few years ago I got an offer to become a presenter of the Morning show, and not long after from the editorial board of the Cultural news to become one of their anchors. Today I work as a host of both shows, but new roles in the programme have not changed what one journalist carries inside - the need to observe and analyze social issues twenty-four hours a day.
    The question I hear every day is - how can you wake up at four in the morning? The answer is #liveyourlife and in the meantime figure out how to do it in the best possible way.
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    Tim Swartz and James Haarp live to air Cosmic Horizons radio!

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    James Haarp returns to the airwaves after a hiatus with more  information to keep you informed with guest Tim Swartz of Conspiracy journalhttp://uforeview.tripod.com/index.html  with more eyeopening news!
    Celluar memory and transplants is it possible for our cells to retain memory to actually grow new organs?
    Bad luck and objects that bring us luck is it possible to actually believe that certain objects can have powers to ward off bad vibes?
    Time travel can we actually travel through time in other dimensions and is it a possibility now?
    UFO underwater bases and is there  deep water base somewhere off the coast of California, we like to think so.
    More eye popping information live to air with real time chat, we want to hear from you!  

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    The Ghost Room

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    Today I tell the tale of the Ghost Room of Chateau Clingman in Racine WI I can only tell the story what it was or is I can not tell you but it is a strange tale going into Halloween
    I talk about THe Night of Horror Film Fest too

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    Lets Talk About Believers, Current Events, and Possibilities

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    We can be the mecca for change. We have the ability to reach others today in ways unconcieved in times past and humanity is coming of age and coming to know herself for who she really is. Lets be a part of it!

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    Mz OptimiZm Speakz to rapper I-AM-Trigg and Author Melissa Turner!

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    I AM TRIGG is an international teen sensation, who has earned the moniker “Leader of The New School” through his unique talent and positive music. I AM TRIGG’s rise to fame began at a very young age, as the teen rapper was responsible for the 2010 production of Jenna Rose’s hit single “MY JEANS,” which he produced, wrote, and appeared as a guest feature at only 14. The song was an instant hit and went on to generate over 15 million views on YouTube in less than six months. Now I AM TRIGG is back and 2013 promises to be his biggest year to date with the release of his new single, “Stopping and Frisking.”
    Directly AFTER..... meet
    Melissa Turner!
    How to Break the Glass Ceiling Without a Hammer: Career Strategies for Women is the first book in the PWN Career Series for Women released August 12, 2011. Written by 30 international coaches and expert consultants from around the world, this powerful anthology provides the tools to shatter the glass ceiling with self-confidence and strategies to handle stress, building leadership skills, develop winning presentation skills, self-promote, and avoid self-sabotaging behaviors. A must-read for career women who wish to reach the top

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    Teal Gray Shares Stories from her New Book: Shades of Angels

    in Paranormal

    Connect with show hosts: Teal Gray & Tui Snider. Follow us on Twitter @tgParaMysteries!
    ***Special News*** Teal Gray's first book, Shades of Angels,  is now available: click here for details!
    Calling all Angels... On today's show, Teal discusses her spirit guide, Jamie, from our new book Shades of Angels for sale now on Amazon.  Author and photographer, Tui Snider, Illustrator and author, Mark Fults, and medium and author, Beth Deering, along with Teal Gray dissuss the book and all the goings on behind the scenes for all those stories, too!

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    Haunting Visits From the Black Eyed Children

    in Paranormal

    Check it out!! An all new episode!! “Haunting Visits From the Black Eyed Children” With special guest co-host, Jeri Kozak
    On this episode of ParaTruth Radio, Justin brings on Jeri Kozak from “Thai Girl 4 God Radio” to discuss the growing phenomenon as the Black Eyed Children.  We discuss the different occurrences of these beings, what they could possibly be, why they torment people, an occurrence of them actually being caught, and as always rabbit trails galore!
    Join us for another amazing show!!
    If you’d like to learn more about Thai Girl 4 God, check out his website below:

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    2017 Grammys Recap

    in Podcasting

    Tonight was the first time in years that I watched the Grammy Awards. I missed the first hour, but from what I seen it was pretty good this year....

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