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  • 01:31

    Manners, School Testing Strategies, & Mr.Dave Music On Through The Looking Glass

    in Podcasting

    It Takes A Village To Bring You Great Blog Talk Shows on Through the Looking Glass w/Kinia Colbert Internet Radio at its finest! Fun, interactive and designed with you and your family in mind! This week’s show features: • Importance of manners • End of year testing strategies • This week’s family activity: Bonding Through Cooking • weekly internet safety tips And a special interview with  ”Mr. Dave”, Dave Hamilton. Dave is not only a teacher, he’s also a performer and recording artist poised to take his place on the national kindie music scene with the June 9 release of his fourth kids’/family album, Feeling Good.  The album was inspired by such artists as Kendrick Lamar, Paul Simon, the Beach Boys, and Frank Ocean and was produced by Grammy-nominated Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams REM, Luscious Jackson, Willie Nelson). The roots of Mr. Dave’s charm grow deep in the soil of his career as lead vocalist/guitarist with the acoustic funk band 56 Hope Road Webpage:  http://mrdavemusic.com        http://facebook.com/MrDaveMusicLLC http://instagram.com/mrdavemusic YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVgjA0aAiIKJk5BAn4Cj0A Interested in being a guest on Looking Glass?   www.lookingglasswkc@gmail.com Sponsors welcome:  www.socialbutterfliconnection@gmail.com  

  • 01:48

    PSH Radio talks to Jay Wasley Audio-Tech and member of Ghost Adventures Crew

    in Paranormal

    Jay Wasley is a director, cinematographer, and audio engineer, that has worked professionally in production since 2001, but has been creating films, music, and art since his childhood. His professional career has brought him all over the world working on over 20 feature films, major network television, national commercials, and many other projects. He is best known for his work on Ghost Adventures, which he joined the crew in season 4 of the Travel Channel's hit show as their sound mixer, eventually evolving into their on camera audio engineer tech during investigations. Recently, Jay has formed his own production company, Sun House Films, specializing in all forms of creation, including films, music, photography, and mixed media art.
    If you have questions please do not ask him about Season 10 of Ghost Adventures as he is unable to discuss it 

  • 01:02

    OnlineNationGaming NBA2K LIVE Radio #79

    in Video Games

    Welcome to the #OnlineNationGamingRadio Every Tuesday Nights at  9pm Eastern 646 787-1972
     Host  @NYCDaFuture and Co Hosts @DjGonzoStar and LilSpaz57 Discussing NBA 2K17, Pro's and Cons.  NBA Season 2016-2017
    Follow me on https://twitter.com/NYCDaFuture
    Subscribe to my Youtube channel..
    Email me at NYCDaFuture@gmail.com for questions/features/guest apperances
    Follow my twitch channel twitch.tv/NYCDaFuture

  • 01:58

    Rants r' Us and game play gripes.

    in Fun

    - Arena. - Twisted Angel is back from rehab, went on a bender and got booted from Arena. - "Barb and Alicia is giving Arena a bad rep." - Homophobic sentiments, slurs, racism and assorted hate-speech. ......and why you get in trouble for it.  - The difference between LCN and Mafia Wars. - Do you seriously need this spelled out for you? It's been a year and you still have not figured this shit out? - "I am going to hit them so hard, it's gonna be worse that how it was in Mafia Wars!" ..... 'Yeah, we are trembling with your HOURLY punches and hit-listing. *yawn*' World Chat. - If you are going to sit there and spam the F out of world chat with your antagonistic blubbery.. .....don't be a puss-bag and report people when you get the same in return. When you do report,  don't sit there and deny it.  - Will Kano ever shut down this feature? Should they?  - Callers and why they get muted. - When you are rude to others, interrupt, talk over others, and offer nothing to the conversation, you will be muted or dropped altogether.  We grew up listening to live radio broadcasts, this behavior was never tolerated on AM and FM radio, so why on Earth should it be tolerated on a web radio show?  - RAIDS! - ALL THE XP!!!  

  • 00:28

    Let's Talk Travel!

    in Travel

    I will be sharing the amazing world of travel, featuring weekly travel specials and guest speakers. I will also show the advantages of being able to travel worldwide like an insider! I will provide resources and tools that will allow you to travel at wholesale costs and build partnersips with value! Let's Talk Travel! It's an amazing world and God wants you to see it!

  • 00:45

    Gurus Lounge Interview 2

    in Other Games

    Gurus Lounge Interview 2 w/ tyriek and lynn

  • 02:16

    The Mana Pool #25: "Shen Did because Gram is a …"

    in Other Games

    scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Xy-fQNg7HzQ?wmode=opaque&enablejsapi=1" width="854" frameborder="0" height="480"> This week on the Geek I/O Show, we part the veils of reality and head back to a very special episode of The Mana Pool.
    While Red Larch is left in pieces and the adventurers are left to search for answers. Why are the clouds red? Where did these towers come from? Gram knows! 
    The party leaves Red Larch to find answers! After wrestling through a jelly tunnel, going into a magical house, a giant in the library,and some red elves...the party still has no answers.
    Join us on The Mana Pool, won't you? Don’t lick that orc dudes wounds!
    The Mana Pool: Episode 25 Show Notes
    The Mana Pool: Episode 25 Audio Archive

  • 00:01

    Joshua Paul Hudson Washington Dc

    in Hobbies

    Joshua Paul Hudson Washington Dc Las Vegas Joshua Paul Hudson Washington Dc Las Vegas Joshua Paul Hudson Washington Dc Las Vegas Joshua Paul Hudson Washington Dc Las Vegas Joshua Paul Hudson Washington Dc Las Vegas

  • 01:42

    Episode # 19 - Season 1 Finale: "Reasons Why men & Women Go to the Club"

    in Podcasting

    Today on the TJ Chatman Show, we will be discussing our Episode # 19 - Season 1 Finale: "Reasons Why men & Women Go to the Club" as we Celebrate LIVE from the Orlando Florida Amway Center @ 180 Skytop Lounge
    We want to hear your thoughts, stories or experiences so call in Live and give us your thoughts and or opinions dial in 213-943-3513 or Message us LIVE via our facebook page www.facebook.com/thetjchatmanshow 

  • 00:31

    Real Talk 101 with U Birthday Celebration

    in Blogs

    Hey Guys, welcome to "Real Talk 101 with U" Birthday Celebration Program!  On this day - 2-years ago, RT 101 with U, ushered onto the scene of Reality Broadcasting - fierce and determined to take "Real Talk" and keep it 100% Pure Talk!  That is my Mantra, and I take it very seriously!   Although, our program schedule has changed, the "Vision and  Message" will remain the same, and with your help, "WE" will continue this mission to reach out, and to help inspire others for the bettah!  
    The best part for me is that I am noticing people are liking the positive energy the show creates, and as a result, have seem to garnered the attention of some of the finest in the Entertainment Industry, and I am so truly grateful for the connection!  Also, to all of you-  I genuinely appreciate all of your participation to help make RT-101wU" a reality!  The good news is that people are catching on, and I couldn't be more excited!   So, make sure you stay in the loop..ttys
    Call In Line: 917-889-3888

  • 02:00

    The Tony Coxx Show

    in Paranormal

    Psychic Medium Tony Coxx welcomes Shawna Hunter as well as special guests and  together they offer FREE psychic, and wisdom card readings and conversation. The phone lines will be open at 7:45 pm and we invite all to call in and participate in spiritual discussion, healing, and readings.

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