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Why the feds want a national registry for guns

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The reason the federal government wants a national registry for guns is if they know who owns the weapon they then can come to get them or fine you if you don't turn them in when a law is passed to ban certain weapons or ammo.

If you go to a gun show or by a gun from an individual...no registration is required.

The feds etc don't know you own the gun or what type or how many.

The feds nor local officals need to know how many guns you own nor do they need to know what type of gun you own.

Do you know how many guns law enforcment have? Do you know what type they are? etc etc.

No and you don't need to know.

Why does the doctor ask you if you own a gun and how many?

Its because the feds made a law urging doctors to find out about your guns!

Its real simple.

Let the teachers and other citizens carry concealed weapons. Concealed weapons require a permit. Criminals don't get concealed carry permits!!! Criminals carry concealed weapons also. The 2nd ammendment allows citizens to arm themselves against criminals and the government.

The governors, senators, fraud president all have protection in the form of police or body guards. Many senators, governors want you to not be able to protect yourself yet they protect themselves with armed security or concealed weapons.

All people who want to register your guns in reality want to take them away and leave you defenseless!