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Hivemind Radio - The Rainbow Serpent: Spiritual Archetypes & the Seeding of the Biological-Hologram

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All indigenous cultures going back into the mists of known human existence have passed down Myths of the Rainbow Serpent. The Quantam-dynamic Creative principal of life as expressed by our Cells & DNA. The Sumerian tablets spoke of "Reptiles descending", possibly from outer space. Or this could have referred to the "Serpent-Energy" of Ouroboros--Seeding the Cosmos with Life in the form of Genetic Material (DNA). Creation itself is said to have sprung from Vibration (Sound WAVES) which like light going through a prism refract in the Crystalline Ether to produce the Holographic Physical Reality. I will discuss these issues and More. As well as give a few announcements about the show and maybe take a few calls if there is time. Youtube.com/Hivemind1984