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Hit On The Head

Hit On The Head


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Real Problems, Real Talk, Real Solutions We live in an opinionated world. “Hit on the head”, discusses the condition of the masses of people influenced by media and other propaganda. This website was designed to expose myths and truths, examine historical and scientific findings, interpret symbolism and religious scriptures (exegetical science), and discuss real community issues. Taboo, trends, race, truths, lies, conspiracies, history, politics, homosexuality, interracial dating, health and more……. Uncensored discussions

On-Demand Episodes

This show will discuss black female celebrities and what it means to be a role model in today's society in regards to a mother, a lady, a wife, etc. This show will also reveal the messages female celebrities are relaying to young ladies... more

This show will discuss the "new" ways for white people to profit from black people. How white people are now learning the truth about black history, pretending to embrace it, and profiting from it. It will further expose the mentalities of black... more

When you hear of a crime that was committed, do you automatically think a black person committed the crime due to its nature? Do you think there is such a thing as a crime that only a black person would commit? Even though justice is... more

This show will discuss the ongoing the "PHAT" girl epidemic, which includes the mentality of many black women today, who have grown to accept a condition many have created through over-consumption of food and alcohol from being... more

This show will explain the reasons why many black people are changing their last names (and even their first names) to names that relate to their original history and names that they feel they can better identify with, as opposed to using the... more

This show will be discussing: 1. Beyond the obvious tell tale signs of a down low brother, 2. Men in denial 3. Men who support of homosexuality 4. Shemales 5. Men who are attracted to shemales 6. The increasing homosexuality rate in the... more

This show will discuss self defense and the reasons young black males are getting locked up for simply protecting themselves from getting murdered.in gang related areas. Should these young males be found guilty of murder simply... more

Hair is a powerful indicator of identity. This show will allow women to share their psychological state of mind in regards to their hair and the effects it has on their personality,lifestyle,,and overall well-being. It will also reveal the insecurities... more

Guest speaker Ralph Muhammad talks about the importance and benefits of solar panel energy.

For centuries, King James, the King of England during the 1600s, was known an Englishman, who was white. Today however, some black people, only after seeing the photographs allegedly released from the Vatican church, believe... more