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Providing a biblical worldview to man's spiritual, social & psychological problems using the Bible ALONE as the final authority for belief and behavior.

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Some said it wouldn't happen. Others said they were all talk and no action. Well, tonight's show will lay all speculation and rumors to rest. If you've ever wanted to know the philosophy behind B.S.A.C. (Biblically Sound Artist Coalition), but never were able to ask the artists personally, now's your chance! Tonight's show is for you! If you want to know the movement's position regarding secular collabs, beats, producers and artists, B.S.A.C. will lay it all on the line from a biblical perspective. Also, they will discuss their new FREE upcoming CD "Hazmatz", scheduled to be released August 2, 2014! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW! Call 858.365.5507 to listen LIVE, speak with our guests, ask questions or make a comment.
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How much is too much during corporate worship? Can a person's "AMEN's" be considered excessive? Is shouting, clapping, dancing or lifting your hands in church considered "out of order"? Who determines what worship should be in... more

Most Christians have become so immersed and entrenched in social, political and environmental pursuits and seem to have lost focus on the main mission and purpose. Join us for our Online Tuesday Night Bible Study to see who our focus... more

Call 858.365.5507 to listen.

Call 858.365.5507

Call 858.365.5507 to listen LIVE.

Call 858.365.5507 to listen LIVE.

What are the CORE issues that Christians should unite over? What are the non-negotiables that cannot be compromised if unity in the body is to prevail? Are there issues that should be given latitude and grace? What are some issues... more

Call 858.365.5507 to listen LIVE!

Call 858.365.5507 to listen.