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Providing a biblical worldview to man's spiritual, social & psychological problems using the Bible ALONE as the final authority for belief and behavior.

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Pastor Woods explains how Christians in the church are guilty of boasting and may not even realize it.

How can man be considered good if the Bible says there's NOTHING good in man? Pastor Woods explains how man can become good in God's sight. Taken from Romans 3:21-26. Call 858-365-5507 to listen live.

Most of today's preaching and music in the church is so man-centered, that man basically is seen as the focus and attention of worship instead of God. In other words, man is deified and God is devalued, which inevitably creates a god in... more

If God's wrath is against Gentiles, then what advantage does the Jew really have more than Gentiles if BOTH are under God's wrath and judgment? After all, aren't the Jews according to Zechariah 2:8, the "apple of God's eye"? Well,... more

Ever heard the old saying, ?Do as I say, but not as I do?? In other words, people who say it, say it to those they're in authority over. In most cases, this would be a parent/child relationship where the child would probably see the parent do... more

Do you feel like what the preacher says isn't for you, but for the person sitting next to you? Or do you believe because you haven't done any of the ?bad sins?, that makes you ok with God? After all! You go to church, you have a nice... more

Most people believe and accept the fact that God is a God of love, peace, patience, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, etc,. All these qualities and more are indeed true and describe the "positive side" of God. But there's also a flip side to... more

Why is there so much division, hostility, strife, quarrelling and bickering in the church today? Why is it that Christians can't seem to get along with each other when spiritual, social, racial and political issues arise in the world? Why... more

There's a mindset in our society that seems to imply and in some circles, explicitly say that it's okay to disobey the law just because you have the "right" to or that you shouldn't have to do what the law requests and at times, require you to do.... more

What do you do when your plans to do ministry or fellowship with other believers become frustrated or hindered by Satan? What should be our response as Christians? Should we resign from our position? Rebuke the Devil? Or rely on... more