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Providing a biblical worldview to man's spiritual, social & psychological problems using the Bible ALONE as the final authority for belief and behavior.

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Bro. Alfonzo Neal concludes his dynamic, thought-provoking, and challenging series in Revelation, chapters 2-3 titled, "Christ's Letters to the Seven Churches". Bro. Neal will explain how the church of Philadelphia and Laodicea are just as... more

Bro. Alfonzo Neal continues with part 3 of his dynamic series of "Christ's Letters to the Seven Churches" in Revelation chapters 2-3. Today, he addresses the churches of Thyatira and Sardis and explains the striking parallel of the... more

Brother, Alfonzo Neal continues his challenging and thought-provoking series on Christ's letters to the seven churches. taken from Revelation 2:8-17 Call 858-365-5507 to listen LIVE.

A few terms that's been circulating among Christians in the body of Christ, anytime someone addresses an issue regarding how we are to live before a watching world, that's sure to get emotions stirred or conflict & controversy... more

Bro. Alfonzo Neal teaches from chapters 2-3 of Revelation and teaches how the modern church of the 21st century is characteristic of the seven churches in Revelation.

Some Christians believe, sins such as homosexuality, lying, murder, etc., doesn't send a person to hell, but their unbelief or simple rejection of Christ's sacrifice on the cross is what sends them to hell. Other Christians believe, however, not... more

Pastor Woods shares his thoughts and reflections on his study on the book of Acts and shares testimonials from members of his church and other listeners who support his ministry. Call 858-365-5507 to listen LIVE.

Pastor Woods concludes his study of the book of Acts and the life of the Apostle Paul as he finally travels to Rome, fulfilling the promises and purposes of God in his earthly ministry. Taken from Acts 28:11-31.

Pastor Woods teaches on the life of the Apostle Paul and the miraculous works performed during his earthly ministry on the island of Malta. Taken from Acts 28:1-10 and other selected Scriptures. Call 858-365-5507 to listen LIVE.

Does the church have authority to discipline its members once sin has been made known or public? Is "sitting someone down " from leadership positions in ministry, an unbiblical practice (i.e. not a form of biblical church discipline)? Tune in... more