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    Marie-Antoinette at the Movies, Part 2

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    Welcome to Tea at Trianon Radio, dedicated to rehabilitating the reputation of Marie-Antoinette de Lorraine d'Autriche, Queen of France and Navarre. I am Elena Maria Vidal, the author of four historical novels as well as a new biography of Marie-Antoinette entitled Marie-Antoinette, Daughter of the Caesars: Her Life, Her Times, Her Legacy. Pour yourself a cup of tea as we travel back into the past. Today we will be discussing the various film depictions of Marie-Antoinette. Today we will be discussing the Coppola film which was released in 2006. We will not be taking phone calls but please email me with a question or comment at emvidal@planetrussell.net.
    Tea at Trianon Radio is brought to you by Mayapple Books, dedicated to publishing modern classics. Visit our website at www.mayapplebooks.net and visit the author at www.emvidal.com.

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    More West Point Memories

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto reads passages from "The Spirit of Old West Point, where Morris Schaff remembers his fallen classmates at Gettysburg, and his West Point entrance exam

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    Conversa Cuba Happy New Year

    in History

    Fidel Castro may be dead but his curse of communism and cult of personality remain alive on the nefarious isle. For the time being the sad reality of most everyday Cubans is the same miserable existence as before. Lies, Intimidation and terror with no hope fo real change - only dreams of escape from Fidel's fantasy island.

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    The Real Story Of The Rio Grande

    in History

    Looking for Good Solid, Honest People
    Inviting Good, Honest People, We  Welcome you to visit Brownsville, TX 
    Everybody knows a good mechanic, or those who know somebody that knows a good parts person for some type of household use. Good people with good values would like to do business with like minded people. 
    There's a guy who's been a mechanic for 40 yrs. he'll tell you up front whether or not he can do the job, if he can't do it, he'll send you to someone you can. He'll do the best job he can because his reputation is important. 
    There's also some good welders down in Brownsville, TX , one particular man I know can do pipe, structure, or almost any other job you need done, his handywork is worth your time and money.  There's a lot of good here.
    People down here appreciate their striving for their dreams. We need those type of people down here to help support us in many ways. 
    From Renting Rooms from the small business, to tent space, and trinkets or breakfast at the local coffee shop, come visit and do business with people who use to 'shake hands' to do business until things got so complicated. 
    Border Links to help with supplies:  
    You can find border supplies, welcome items for new immigrants coming through, or much needed items in which to secure our border. Volunteers Needed. 
    Part of our Tax Dollars that are actually working for the tax payer. 
    If you're having problems with scammers or no one answering on the other line, feel free to call this number and someone there should be able to help you. 
    Government Do Not Call List, Fed. Trade Commission 1-888-382-1222  

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    Economics with Arlin

    in History

    A journey with Arlin Wallace

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    Mrs. Delores Eaton: "Harriet Tubman is My Moral Compass"

    in History

    As a proud native of Montgomery, Alabama Mrs. Delores Eaton takes no tea for the fever.  Her maternal lineage is heralded for instituting Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, which served as the focal point of the Montgomery bus boycott and launched Reverand Martin Luther King's metoric rise in the Civll Rights Movement.  Mrs. Eaton was partially sheltered from the extremisms of Jim Crow because her family was highly educated, owned land, and independently operated several business.  However, she like other African Americans, was still subjected to the wiles of segregation. In this interview Mrs. Eaton discusses encountering racism on the bus as a child, the importance of education, influential members of her community, such as E.D. Nixon, internal class struggles, the limitations of African American leadership, her role during the Movement, and her husband Herbert's divestment efforts in South Africa while at the University of Rochester. 

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    Dad's 1st Letter Home January 14, 1945

    in History

    There are people alive today who remember D-Day well.
    I am honored to bring you this show, my first show on the anniversary of D-Day.
    In this episode I talk a little about my parent's background, I talk about them falling in love, getting married and then Dad was sent off to fight in Europe.
    There will be many more stories coming, I have already been approached by veteran's who want to tell their family stories.  If you want to do that, my email address is at the bottom of this description.
    My father was enrolled in college to be an architect like my mother's father, and join the firm.  It was 1941 and Pearl Harbor changed all his dreams.
    I read his first letter home from a "secret" place that was very cold and snowy (I think it might have been Colorado).  He wrote beautiful eloquent love letters and I can see his hand holding the fountain pen.  His penmanship was regal.  His words better than mine, and he writes with dignity and extreme adoration for my mother.
    Please enjoy this short episode there will be more.   Meet my dad, Willy, and my mom, June and please if you have a story to tell or want to be interviewed on this show, you can reach me at carolelynnesanek@gmail.com

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    Chief Langley returns with Misconceptions of Colonial History

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    Most of the history that we acquire comes not from history textbooks or classroom lectures but from images that we receive from movies, television, childhood stories, and folklore. Together, these images exert a powerful influence upon the way we think about the past. Some of these images are true; others are false.  Slavery comes to mention who were they Slaves were they all African. What about British Convicts who were lable as Indentured servants. Rarely is this ever mention. Learning history and knowing thats of information that has been suppress and omitted will make one and effective family historian and genealogist. 

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    Radio Legendary The Judith Baker story

    in History

    As promised Radio Legenday brings you the story behind the so called sonspiracy of the Assasination of John F Kennedy
    Judyth Vary Baker, Lee Harvey Oswald’s lover, served the CIA as a lab technician at the inception of a weaponized cancer virus…
    Links will be proved at http://radiolegendary.com/ for more articles to back up this story that you will not find in a history book.
    You can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/radiolegendary1

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