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    Friends of Marie-Antoinette, Part 3

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    Welcome to Tea at Trianon Radio, dedicated to rehabilitating the memory of Marie-Antoinette de Lorraine d'Autriche, Queen of France and Navarre. I am Elena Maria Vidal, the author of four historical novels as well as a new biography of Marie-Antoinette entitled Marie-Antoinette, Daughter of the Caesars: Her Life, Her Times, Her Legacy. Pour yourself a cup of tea as we journey into the past.  In her last letter, Marie-Antoinette wrote to her sister-in-law Madame Elisabeth: "Happiness is doubled when shared with a friend...." In those words are contained the value she placed on friendship as being intrinsic to her happiness. Indeed, the queen had a great capacity for friendship, although she was not always prudent in her choice of companions. In this episode we will be discussing the mysterious Catherine Hyde, who claimed to be the adopted daughter of Marie-Antoinette's friend, the Princesse de Lamballe. We will not be taking phone calls but please email me with a question or comment at emvidal@planetrussell.net.
    Tea at Trianon Radio is brought to you by Mayapple Books, dedicated to publishing modern classics. Visit our website at www.mayapplebooks.net and visit the author at www.emvidal.com.

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    The Real Story Of The Rio Grande

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    Looking for Good Solid, Honest People
    Inviting Good, Honest People, We  Welcome you to visit Brownsville, TX 
    Everybody knows a good mechanic, or those who know somebody that knows a good parts person for some type of household use. Good people with good values would like to do business with like minded people. 
    There's a guy who's been a mechanic for 40 yrs. he'll tell you up front whether or not he can do the job, if he can't do it, he'll send you to someone you can. He'll do the best job he can because his reputation is important. 
    There's also some good welders down in Brownsville, TX , one particular man I know can do pipe, structure, or almost any other job you need done, his handywork is worth your time and money.  There's a lot of good here.
    People down here appreciate their striving for their dreams. We need those type of people down here to help support us in many ways. 
    From Renting Rooms from the small business, to tent space, and trinkets or breakfast at the local coffee shop, come visit and do business with people who use to 'shake hands' to do business until things got so complicated. 
    Border Links to help with supplies:  
    You can find border supplies, welcome items for new immigrants coming through, or much needed items in which to secure our border. Volunteers Needed. 
    Part of our Tax Dollars that are actually working for the tax payer. 
    If you're having problems with scammers or no one answering on the other line, feel free to call this number and someone there should be able to help you. 
    Government Do Not Call List, Fed. Trade Commission 1-888-382-1222  

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    Economics with Arlin

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    A journey with Arlin Wallace

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    The show, Returning To Eden is a bit different, no theology, no doctrinal statements. Just uncovering the gospel message from its biblical context.

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    Knowledge Of Power Radio

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    Knowledge Of Power Radio is happy to announce our return. Change can be a great thing and in this case it is just that...GREAT. We are ready to structure a trip to West Africa for those who are ready and willing to work and make their own money. We will continue to Rise The Mental of those who no longer want to be stuck in a place of defeat. It is time to grow and become a people who will not continue to destroy each other which in turn destroys ourselves. If you're ready to advance to the next level and gain financial independance, if you're ready to climb up out of the holes this country had placed us in; then you're ready to listen to this show on tonight. THE RISE OF THE MENTAL cannot happen if we remain asleep. Time to wake up: CALL IN TONIGNT 8pm. EST 646-688-8827

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    Mrs. Delores Eaton: "Harriet Tubman is My Moral Compass"

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    As a proud native of Montgomery, Alabama Mrs. Delores Eaton takes no tea for the fever.  Her maternal lineage is heralded for instituting Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, which served as the focal point of the Montgomery bus boycott and launched Reverand Martin Luther King's metoric rise in the Civll Rights Movement.  Mrs. Eaton was partially sheltered from the extremisms of Jim Crow because her family was highly educated, owned land, and independently operated several business.  However, she like other African Americans, was still subjected to the wiles of segregation. In this interview Mrs. Eaton discusses encountering racism on the bus as a child, the importance of education, influential members of her community, such as E.D. Nixon, internal class struggles, the limitations of African American leadership, her role during the Movement, and her husband Herbert's divestment efforts in South Africa while at the University of Rochester. 

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    Radio Legendary Sneak preview of interview with Judith Vary Baker

    in History

    How did the world learn of the experiments?
    What happened to the players in this drama?
    Who where they?
    Links will be proved at http://radiolegendary.com/ for more articles to back up this story that you will not find in a history book.
    You can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/radiolegendary1

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    Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later

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    75 Years ago people were not even out of bed when the world exploded with news that the Japanese had attacked the US at Pearl Harbor.
    It was without a doubt the darkest day this country had seen and lead to our entering the war.
    In this episode I talk about that, I share parts of the interview with Fuchida the Japanese Naval Officer who lead the attack.
    I share Roosevelt's first words.
    I share things that possibly lead up to the attack.
    I share some theories on the hows and whys.
    I read a letter home from dad who heated water in 2 cans to sponge bathe and shave
    If you want to reach out to me I am carolelynnesanek@gmail.com 
    The attack on our country - the attack on Pearl Harbor is embedded forever in our minds

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