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Finding Acceptance by ANY means Neccesary!!!!!

  • Broadcast in Religion
Pastor Monie

Pastor Monie


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Brittany Ursery At age 14 because of insecurities,rejection and not feeling loved I made a decision that I was going to find acceptance by any means neccesary. At the time I was in High School and homosexuality was prevalent. I wasn't sure what a homosexual was until somebody broke everything down to me. They made it seem fun and there was a lot of attention involved. I was down, because I yearned for attention. I started out as a bisexual, then throughout 4 years I made the big decision to stop being with guys all together. From age 14 to 18 I went from fem, stem, to stud. At age 18 I studded out. Throughout my 6 and a half years in the life, I learned very quickly. I learned the ropes, the lingo and learned who to watch out for. But see the difference between me and a lot of other ppl that were dealing with the lifestyle was that I was born and raised in the church. I knew homosexuality was wrong, but i chose not to care. To make the long story short, God gave me plenty of chances to come out the lifestyle and if I didn't take his last chance then I would be dead today. In July of 2007 I was placed in some deep deep drama. I was having sex with a young woman that was engaged to a guy and eventually everything hit the fan. He found out about it and people were threatening to take my life. So eventually the young lady kicked me out her house, (we were living together) and I moved back with my mom. August 8, 2007 was the day that God delivered me out of the lifestyle. God spoke to me and basically let me know that I needed to call my youth pastor or today was going to be my last day on earth. See to back track a little bit in 2006 I was hit by a car while crossing the street, and that day God also spoke to me, but I didnt listen to his warning, so to jump back to 08 I was either going to listen to God or ignore his warning and lose my life. So i listened to his warning. So as I was going to call my youth pastor a weird force came over me and i started to cry and w