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Discover how you can have spiritually based Integrative, Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful relationships in all areas of your lives with your experts - the husband & wife team of Charles & Shakira Unlimited. Join us each week as we learn to love ourselves more fully.

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At last your prince or princess has arrived. Your bliss is just around the corner! Your dreams are about to come true.. When we say "I'm faling in love with you" we are really saying "I am becoming the effect of you" and this is perhaps much more fun that being the effect of the dreary stuff! Join us this week as we look at the effect stages of relationships - is love sufficent grounds for a relationship? Make your calendars! www.hipcoaches.com
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On this weeks episode we will be busting the myths on needs and supporting you in living a glorious life with or without the other person. We are diving into getting your unmet needs met, so that they no longer drive your life. Join us by calling... more

"I have forgiven him / her shouldn't we be reconciling by now?" We get this question so much that we will clearing up the myths of forgiveness on today's show with the intention that you will be able to use the process of forgiveness to... more

We talk alot about choices in the H.I.P. Community. In fact in Coach T's book The H.I.P. Factor it states "choosing your way to Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful living" so what does that really mean? So, where are we choosing from - personality... more

The way you percieve yourself is a choice and this will ultimately play a role in the partner you attract into your experience. Join us for 30 mintues on the juicy topic of choosing your right intimate partner, you might not agree with it all but we... more

There are no perfect parents, even fewer who never fail their kids in some way. In this espisode of H.I.P. Living Now we will continue the conversation around boundaries - taking a closer look at the relationship of parents and children.... more

Boundaries are shaped not only by interactions with parents and siblings, but by family rules too. What messages were being reinforced for you: "don't betray your traditions, don't get too big for your brigdes, don't forget your place etc...." Family... more

Emotional trespass is a boundary violation - an unasked for, univited, intrusion into our own space or that of others. Are you guilty of violating others or being violated in this way? Do you find yourself trying to force connection with a loved... more

We are continuing the conversation on boundaries this week, but we are paying close attention to Inner Boundaries. Your inner boundaries influences your boundary styles because it reflects the minds ongoing process of mean making.... more

How are you dealing with intimacy, loneliness, conflict, anxiety, stress and challenges? Have you found the tool that is failsafe proof? Have you balanced your need to be close and connected to others with the need to maintain... more

There are certain character traits that are very evident in healthy relationships. The good news is that these can be learned and explored. Call in to talk with H.I.P. Coaches on H.I.P. Living Now at 818-572-4953. Bring your questions,... more
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