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Discover how you can have spiritually based Integrative, Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful relationships in all areas of your lives with your experts - the husband & wife team of Charles & Shakira Unlimited. Join us each week as we learn to love ourselves more fully.

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There are certain character traits that are very evident in healthy relationships. The good news is that these can be learned and explored. Call in to talk with H.I.P. Coaches on H.I.P. Living Now at 818-572-4953. Bring your questions,... more

This week show will exploring the giving up of addictive love to a healthy belonging in your relationships. We will share the seven stages in this transformation process and discuss deeply a few of them in personal, practical... more

Join H.I.P. coaches Charles and Shakira, the dynamic husband and wife team, as they take on the blunt questions - "Is there not enough power for two? Must one person maintain control? Did you know that one of the most pronounced... more

You feel drawn to another person, as if by a magnet. You are confused, unsure, - should you surrender to the feeling and feed it or resist it? Is it healthy pull or unheathly? Join your host Charles & Shakira today at 3pm as we discuss how to... more

Having trouble attracting the right relationship? Whether you are in a relationship or seeking one this show is for you. Your desire for healthy relationships must be pure so that it's not drifting in the wind. Watch your desires and how it engages... more

Whether a breakup or a divorce the feeling of loss can be very devastating and traumatic, even if you are the one making the choice to move on! Cleaning up your space to attract the right relationship later then becomes vital... more

Are you in an abusive relationship? Perhaps you have weak boundaries... Boundaries are simply the things people can't do to you, lines that will protect you and allow you to be your best... Tune in as we explore the four types of... more

Love addiction is any unhealthy attachment to people, eurphoria, romance or sex in an attempt to get your needs met. Real love is not addiction nor is addiction love! Tune in to H.I.P. Living Now as we will be sharing the 7 steps to... more

Is outside factors, including your relationships driving your happiness? Are you in the after glow or the after doom of Valentine's Day? Tune in to H.I.P. Living Now as we will be sharing how to take back your happiness and begin to live a... more

Who will you be celebrating this Valentine holiday? Did you know that you can only receive and give to others to the degree that you can give and receive love from and to yourself? Don't waste time looking for the perfect partner! Be the... more
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