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Hindu Radio-Breaking the Sound Barrier


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Hindu Radio-Breaking the Sound Barrier is a show that enlightens and entertains. Vedic Culture, also known as Hinduism represents the world's most ancient, largest and ongoing civilization. It has always been, and remains to this day, a knowledge and information based tradition. Hindu Radio aims to share this vast wisdom with the World. Stay up to date with events taking place in India. Break through India's mainstream media blockade. Hear news and views India's mainstream media ignores or misrepresents. Tune in to learn about Hindu activities and events taking place around the world. Tune in and listen to interviews with key Hindu activists and other Hindus from around the world. Learn about the many current and ongoing projects within the Hindu community. Call in and speak with our hosts and guests. Hindu Radio is inspired by the ancient Vedic teaching highlighted in India's National Motto-Satyameva Jayate-Truth Alone Triumps.

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The US Army is overhauling its physical fitness tests for the first time in 30 years and adding a new "combat readiness test." To help troops prepare, the Army advocates training that incorporates cross-training, elements of yoga, and the... more

What is Yoga in Astrology? Do the effects of these yogas impact one's life? For example some say a 'Raja Yoga' in one's chart promises no difficulties to him and will he lead a princely and aristocratic life throughout. This is an incorrect... more

Special Guest Raghu Guiffre and his new Book 'Raghunomics' feature viable solutions to our economic woes. Last year 1000s of Indian farmers adopted organic farming and manufacturing. Marketing of panchgavya (cow-based)... more

In 1909 Francisco Madero wrote a book urging Mexicans to dump President Diaz and demand real democracy. The book became a best seller, and Madero found himself leading an insurrection.He was obsessed with notions of duty and... more

Nation-wide Tree/Tulsi planting.Surya Namaskar Marathon.105 yr old Kashmiri Hindu Kashinath Handoo. Nityananda Temple rises in Ekachakra, W.B. India. VHP's Hindu Helpline-rapid response Cow protection. Vedic FengShui Tips...... more

The Kumbh Mela, presently held in four cities in the country -- Prayag (Allahabad), Haridwar, Ujjian and Nasik. Swami Chitadamanji Maharaj of Siddhaashram says the world's largest religious gathering Kumbh Mela is being organised since... more

Hindu Radio Interviews Aparna Garg-Former Editor of Tattva Magazine and Current Member of the Editorial Team. Aparna shares her insights as an Indian-American Hindu Youth born and raised in the USA.Tiruvidaimarudur near... more

This episode of Hindu Radio features an interview with Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda and a columnist with Huffington Post. This new revolutionary book identifies Vedic culture to be as much a part of American culture as Jazz or... more

Sir Paul McCartney writes India's PM: Calls for India to declare a National Vegetarian Day. Panjal in Kerala is getting ready to host Athirathram,the world's oldest known ritual in April 2011.The last time the village hit global headlines... more

(NOTE:Vedic creation date mentioned in show is off by 300 million years. 1'955'885'111 (Vedic Year of the Creation), i.e. 1,95 Billion years since the begining of creation.) Special New Years day episode features a live report from... more
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