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Hindu Radio: Financial Empires, Abortion and Social Security

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In this Episode of Hindu Radio: Breaking the Sound Barrier Guest Host Raghu Guiffre will be covering Abortion & the US Govt’s Social Security Administration. The big discovery about Abortion is that it is actually based upon a financial model. Until we address that side of it (which is the bulk of the emotion driving the issue) we will not be able to actually resolve the crisis that abortion represents. As soon humanity recognizes every new born child as a potential Moses, Christ, Buddha, Haridas, Tulsidas, Mirabai, Tecumseh, Rani of Jhansi, Kabir, MLK or Einstein, we can solve this problem. India's dowry system provides some clues to the solutions at hand. Raghu will also highlight very interesting cross cultural based solutions such as the Hawaiian tradition. This tradition allows young parents the freedom of life as the elders provide the day to day care of the young. As for Social Security, the fraud is not the service, but the US Government’s continued looting of this vast fund; a fund built upon the hard work of millions of Americans. TUNE IN and SHARE IN THE DISCOVERIES BASED UPON THE WORLD’S ANCIENT VEDIC CIVILIZATIONS!