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Japan's Forgotten Vedic Legacy/Omen of The Sea-God's Messenger/Agnihotra Ritual Radiation Defense

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Buddhism rose within the Indian context. Rather than a ‘new religion’ it was simply a new method of practice within the same Dharmic context. We find evidence of this from the Japanese records. The location of Kannon's paradise Fudarakusen most commonly placed near the southern tip of India, suggests a south Indian origin for this deity.At Nara, Kannon is protected by the Shi Tennon (Four Heavenly Kings). These figures were originally four ancient devas in India.Traditional religious art depicts Amida, Seishi, and Kannon descending from the Pure Land (heaven) on clouds to welcome the faithful into Amida's Pure Land of Utmost Bliss. This land is called Gokuraku in Japanese and Sukhavati in Sanskrit. These two words represent an important clue in our investigation. Remembering that the letters ‘R’ and ‘L’ are interchangeable it becomes clear that ‘Gokula’, the highest realm connected to Krishna is the Japanese heaven ‘Gokuraku’/ARTICLE FROM 3/4/2010-Japan-the most earthquake-prone country in the world-is next in line for a major earthquake.Those concerns have been stoked by the unexplained appearance of a fish that is known traditionally as the Messenger from the Sea God's Palace.According to traditional Japanese lore, the fish rise to the surface and beach themselves to warn of an impending earthquake./Agnihotra gives rise to sattva predominant vibrations of the Absolute Cosmic Fire element. The fire created from Agnihotra disintegrates the raja-tama particles and therefore purifies the environment at a spiritual level.It creates a subtle protective sheath around the person performing the ritual. This destroys the raja-tama predominant Absolute Cosmic Fire particles which give rise to the sound frequencies. Thus the destructive Absolute Cosmic Fire from the detonated nuclear device loses its power.