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Hosted by gay conservative activist Kevin DuJan and homeschooling stay-at-home mom, Megan Fox. This unlikely duo has teamed up to bring you investigative reporting on the big mysteries in politics. They're asking questions the media doesn't want asked and outing the Cocktail Party GOP for what it is...Democrat-Lite. Join Hillbuzz and Mrs. Fox for Adventures in Radio Broadcasting!

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Kevin DuJan takes a look at the recent efforts in Illinois to thwart voter fraud that have some peolpe thinking Mitt Romney might have a chance to win Illinois if enough of the fraudulent votes in Cook County are thwarted. If Obama loses... more

Kevin DuJan and Megan Fox talk about the Chicago culture of "Street Money" and how it impacts elections. Could the lack of street money being distributed in 2012 spell doom for Obama in cities like Chicago where street money is used ot... more

Kevin DuJan and Megan Fox talk about updates to the nationwide story people are buzzing about: the Obamas moving to Hawaii in 2013 and living in a luxury estate that 99% of us could only dream of. How can they afford this? Who... more

Kevin DuJan and Megan Fox interview an American just back from Israel who reports on what people were talking about on the ground there and whether anything noticable is being done to prepare for war with Iran.

Kevin DuJan and Megan Fox take a look at the negativity and pessimism that saturate a lot of conservative sites around the Internet, such as HotAir, RedState, and AceOfSpades. Why do straight conservative guys seem to be so down... more

Kevin DuJan and Megan Fox discuss the Left's strange myopia towards Islam and the continuous efforts to hide the evil things that Muslims do. Also, we'll talk more about the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and how it was... more

Kevin DuJan brings us the scoop from gay diplomatic sources in Chicago that slain US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was gay, the State Department knew that, but they sent him to Libya anyway.

Join Kevin and Megan discuss the Chicago teacher's strike and why the Chicago school system is the worst in the nation. The Dance of the Lemons! Karen Lewis starred in Monsters Inc, and much much more! Tune in...

Kevin DuJan from HillBuzz.org interviews a native Hawaiian on what she sees happening with the preparations to move the Obamas to Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahua come January 2013.

Kevin DuJan and special guest Penny Arcade in California discuss the 12 Clues that Democrats are losing the general election based on observations of Day Three of the Democrat Convention and Barack Obama's speech.