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Restoration Word Of Power

Restoration Word Of Power


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Preaching & teaching the Word of GOD. Ministering to the whole man, families, and the nation. Counseling relationship & mending marriages. Worship & praise

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1.) What will be the response when we start seeing people thru God's Eyes? 2.) What should be our response to those who reject the Gospel message? 3.) What should be our response to a Christian fallen from grace?
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1.) Why does God say YES according to this lesson? 2.) Should we still keep the commands of the Old Testament ? 3.) What is GRACE, and how should we respond to it?

1.) How can we maximize each day? 2.) Is the journey as important as the distination??? 3.) Explain what is meant by those who are content with nothing more than the joy of the journey are settling for too little satisfaction.

1.) What is meant by test the waters? 2.) From those examples in our lesson tonight and what we learned about the disciples Jesus chose to follow Him,we can conclude that God choses people who are? 3.) What should confirm our moving... more

1.) Why is it so easy for satan to entice man with visuals of various kinds? 2.) What does the scripture say the eyes is the light of? (Wait to see results from participants before sharing scripture. The body, Matthew 6:22 3.) What results if... more

1.)In your own words, explain how personal growth keeps you focused on people and them on you? 2.) What are some examples of stirring up thegift that is within you? 3.) What evolves from sticking to or with a certain thing?

1.) Are people with integrity perfect? 2.) Why are people of integrity joyful? 3.) What steps lead us to a joyful heart?

1.)Why is it so necessary for man to turn from his wicked way? 2.) What are some of the characteristics of a true servant? 3.) Is Jesus return taken serously? if so how should we waiting?

1. Who is God to you in your life? 2.Explain Isaiah 40:26,28. 3. Why do men say that there is no God, but yet he believes in the universe? 4 How can the sinner man know that God Is, in the Christian life.

1.) Do you believe that you are where you are for a specific reason? 2.) Would you say God honors death at times? Explain. 3.) How can we be sure to gain victory in every area of our lives?

1.) How crucial is joy to the Christian walk? 2.) Can we be joyful everyday? 3.) Why does Satan target our joy?