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Restoration Word Of Power

Restoration Word Of Power


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Preaching & teaching the Word of GOD. Ministering to the whole man, families, and the nation. Counseling relationship & mending marriages. Worship & praise

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1.) What is the first character trait of a good leader? Is a good follower who watches by learning and doing giving others opportunities to serve. 2.) What does a good leader do? Delegateleadership with authority and accountability. 3.)... more

1.) What is the expected Bibilical life span for man? Psalms 90:10 (70) Genesis 6:3 (120) 2.) When David said my days are as a handbreath, what did he mean? To fit in the hand, small linear measurement 2.4 to 5 inches, like a quick blow... more

1.) What is the main thing in the believers life that PROVES their love for God? 2.) What does God use to help us grow and how does it help us? 3') What is one of the MAJOR results of Spiritual Growth? 4.) What are some manifestations... more

1.) Why is it important to process what happened in the past? 2.) Who is the victim of past hurts? 3.) How do you keep your mental, spiritual, emotional and spiritual house clean? 4.) Why does the phrase " Love Means Never Having To... more

1.) If Jesus was God in the flesh, why did He have to pray??? 2.) Will there always be pressures in life? 3.) What are some MAJOR decisions we DEFINITELY need God's DIRECTION in??? 4.) Whar right does God have to... more

1.) Why is it important for us to know our self worth and become secure, in who we are in Christ? 2.) How can we calculate our worth in God? 3. What are some ways our self esteem can be affected? 4.) What does Satan master in showing... more

1.) Why Is It unwise to air the dirty laundry? 2.) What is the main cause of anger? 3.) What does real love do? 4.) What must we do in order to have peace with God and ourselves, even if the other person won't forgive us?

1) What is the impotance of setting goals? 2.) What is the primary thing in goal setting? 3.) What propells us to carry out our goals? 4.) Who is considered a FAILUREand why?

1.) What are the 4 C,s of CHANGE? Crisis,Commitment, Confession, and Cooperation 2.) It is said that anything that does not change,does not grow! How does change bring about GROWTH? 3.) What is God's metamorphasis for... more

1.) What are some situations we encounter in life, that causes us to have zero trust in people? 2.) What is one of the best ways to model Jesus? 3.) How does Jesus measure our lives and why? 4.) What has to be done in our lives, before... more