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Restoration Word Of Power

Restoration Word Of Power


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Preaching & teaching the Word of GOD. Ministering to the whole man, families, and the nation. Counseling relationship & mending marriages. Worship & praise

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1.) Is the statement true that said " Action Speaks Louder Than Words?" 2.) In what ways does our body language affect us and other people? 3.) What do you think has the greatest affect, facial expressions or body gestures? 4.) Can we control our facial expressions?
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1.) Why is the CC industry so popular? 2.) Is there ever a situation that we cannot afford to tithe? a. What is the benefit of tithing? b. What are some good practices for saving? 3.) How can we get out of debt and stay out???

1.) Can you think of a situation when God was working on your behalf and you were not aware??? 2.) How do you know if God is in the midst? 3.) What should determine The Presence Of God in our situations?

1.) What small change do you need to attempt, to help better your life??? 2.) Have you experience the Butterfly Effect at any point in your life? 3.) Explain the the simple logic of instead of trying to make 100 changes and sticking to 1?

1.) Samson or Samuel, which one describes you? 2.) When we first got saved, was it a matte of seeking God's hand or God's heart that we desired? 3.) What cause man to shift from the spiritual desires to the carnal desires in this walk?... more

1.) What is the symbolic comparison of Mercury and Pluto to the Christians life? 2.) What really exhibits our passion for God? 3.) What is the result of seeking God with you whole heart?