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Restoration Word Of Power

Restoration Word Of Power


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Preaching & teaching the Word of GOD. Ministering to the whole man, families, and the nation. Counseling relationship & mending marriages. Worship & praise

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1.) Why Is It unwise to air the dirty laundry? 2.) What is the main cause of anger? 3.) What does real love do? 4.) What must we do in order to have peace with God and ourselves, even if the other person won't forgive us?
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1) What is the impotance of setting goals? 2.) What is the primary thing in goal setting? 3.) What propells us to carry out our goals? 4.) Who is considered a FAILUREand why?

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1.) What are some situations we encounter in life, that causes us to have zero trust in people? 2.) What is one of the best ways to model Jesus? 3.) How does Jesus measure our lives and why? 4.) What has to be done in our lives, before... more

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1.) What is Grace, something earned, inherited or given? 2.) Why would a Holy, Righteous God extend such a opportunity to man/us? 3.) What are some of the benefits of God's Grace in general and according to this lesson? 4.) Expound on... more

1. Why is it important for us to develop an overcoming attitude? 2. How can we make ourselves accountable when we are being negative? 3. Should we surround ourselves with people that will feed our fears or those that will fortify your faith?... more

1. Do you believe that you was really born that way? 2. Is the way mankind is born a genetic or spiritual issue? Which is stronger, man's sin nature or man's desire to please GOD?. Explain your interpretation of the scriptures that was just... more

1. How do we benefit, when we use what we have to help others? 2. Sometimes a SMALL act of kindness can have a significant impact! Explain from the lesson. 3. Why do we require more of ourselves than GOD does? 4. What has God given... more

1. Should we adopt other's attitudes? 2. Is God's best in every situation just scriptural? 3. What will touch people first your message or your attitude? 4. Are you POLLUTER or PURIFIER? (SPEAK TRUTH).