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You may have heard of many discussions and theories about legal and lawful remedies. Now you can hear from someone who has had first hand experience. Invaluable information.

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Birthright ! Status ! Estate ! Contract ! Trust !
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Welcome to Prosperity wendsdays, todays topic of discussion is home based basics. We will be addressing the multiple sides of home based business, and health and wellness basics. The basics you need to start either from support,... more

We're Back. On today's show we will have guest Brother Justice discussing the 12 tribes and zodiacs. Sister El and Unyque will follow the format of 15mins of music, recent events, health tip, guest discussion, then open up the phone lines for... more

Now that you woke and began to face the Ramifications of being Conscious in an Un-Conscious Word...

Today we continue our weekly discussion about prosperity and what it takes to develope\ the community with the resources already at our disposal. Sister El and Sister Unyque will focus on Prosperity, Health and Homebased Business Basics.

Does the Administrative Process have any merit in the courts? Especially in a Foreclosure case? Today we conduct an examination.

RULES TO THE GAME 1.) THERE IS NO MONEY- There is no Consitutionally sanctioned money for the Republic as ennumerated in Article I Section 10 of the Consitution FOR the United States of America. There is onlly fiat monsy allowed... more


Today I review the Affidavit of Walker Todd to settle the issue once and for all whether the banks loan money or not. Due to the recent rash of individuals asserting "patriot" myths, I found it necessary to review expert commentary from... more

Birthright ! Status ! Estate ! Contract ! Trust !

Your Hosts Sister El and Sister Unyque will discuss Business (getting funding crowd funding) and marketing stragies for people working from home.