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This show is dedicated to all the new individuals who throw around words like, "patriot" and "guru" who, being new to the subject of private rights and constitutional protections, deem themselves to be an authority on this particular subject matter. There is a reason why the government has a law preventing the average individual from practicing law without a license. Over the years I have gradually come to an understanding of the significance of these laws. As I have witness many individuals conduct so called research by giving only a cursory observation to the particular subject that the posture themselves an authority on, I have come to realize that many individuals are functionally illiterate and are unaware of their condition. This in my estimation is a danger to the freedom movement and threat to true freedom everywhere. I myself have been called a "cointel operative" because I disagree with particular insights my so-called "peers" promulgate through the airwaves. Listening to YouTube videos and Blogtalks and witnessing individuals blatantly misconstrue and overlook facts which are salient in character while attacking those who came before them who have sacrificed their freedom and perhaps even life, served as an impetus for me to come out and discuss this sensitive topic. Personally, I wish new individuals would just shut the fuck up. These people have never been locked up, have no experience in dealing with courts, and have never had to apply their so called insights in real life situations to find out if their findings and determinations have a basis in law or fact. Additionally, the level of excellence that goes into the study of words, the proper application of certain sense of words, and the order of precedence which should be observed deriving from particular authorities, is wanting in many of these people who are nothing but opportunist.
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