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The word Law indicates something that is stable. In the case of Natural Law it refers to something immutable which is the reason you have ORDER in the universe. Man in his attempt to emulate nature through positive law has also sought to instill LAW and ORDER on society. When I first came into the knowledge of private processes years ago we were told that the people who released the Secured Party information were disgruntled judges who wanted to retaliate back against the system that had turned their backs on them (See Judge Dale). While we had no way of verifying the validity of these assertions, one thing is evident to the keen observer is that the Secured Party process is complex and very very few people truly understand it or know how to properly implement it. You find these cries most heavely among those who decry the process as outdated and have instead opted for a more easier approach by using constitutional mandates that are usually read out of context or misinterpreted all together. One instance is the Minnesota Rules of General Practice regarding Birth Certificates as used to prove that a litigate in a adversarial suit has reached the age of majority (18). This Rule of Practice has in some way been interpreted as a form of judgemnt or legal process that may travel beyond the state of it's origin and have compulsory obligations in foreign jurisdictions.
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