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Your Birth Certificate is worth Millions. When I first came into the knowledge of Secured Party almost 10 years ago, the topic of the day at that time was "collasping the trust". Individuals were attempting to access the money within their "Strawman" account (in the amount of millions of dollars). During this time websites such as http://www.fedelitymutual.com gave individuals had the ability to look up C.U.S.I.P numbers for the Birth Certificate. This led to many attempting to access these funds through the DTC. Tony King also became widely popular around this time as well as Tim Turner. Many people were led to believe that there was gold at the end of the rainbow and that the Birth Certificate could be monetized for your personal benefit. Personally I have never seen ANYONE gain access to these funds. I have seen people use 1099OID and 1041T's to access funds (I have personally seen this). But I also saw a lot of those individuals go to jail or get indicted yearss later while the promoter made off with all the money safe and sound as he did not peronally do the process himself. I have never seen anyone successfully "sue" in a public court anything remotely associated with any of the strawman material that is floating around the interent. This would make sense as all successful attempts would obviously be a PRIVATE matter. To think that the court system or anyone in the Public would acknowledge any process (Secured Party, Birth Certificate Authentication- Minnesota Rule 220, Nationality Defense, etc.) is foolish and the promoters of these causes of action have never demonstrated any success in in any capacity. This is because the Constitution clearly states that the PUBLIC DEBT CANNOT BE QUESTIONED. DO NOT get caught up in attempting to get rich with any of these processes.
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