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You may have heard of many discussions and theories about legal and lawful remedies. Now you can hear from someone who has had first hand experience. Invaluable information.

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Greg Doss Show Disclaimer: ?I am not an attorney. I do not practice law or give legal advice. I, as any of you can and SHOULD, study law and tell people what I have learned and how I gathered the information. I do not give any... more

Was Paul of the Bible really one of the Disciples? Listen as Dr. Malachi Z. York Breaks it down...classic.

Today we will be talking current events and much more! Sit in and come ride with us! Dial in at: 424-222-5250. Peace to the Gods & Goddesses!!!

Sign oThe Times w Queen Tahiyrah & Dr. James Jones Hip Hop n Politix Tuesday Dr. James Jones of Manhood, Race & Culture is my co-host for Hip Hop n Politix Tuesday. We discuss alkl things around HIP HOP, Politics and the... more

7 Principles of manifest creation: http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/kybalion.pdf 1. PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM 2. PRINCIPLE OF CORRESPONDENCE 3. PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION 4. PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY 5. PRINCIPLE OF... more

Prophecy #107 "The are going to be ""New Moors"" that are going to come in with their eyes wide open , seeing and knowing, that are going to take you old Moors, seat you in the back, and carry out my law"- Nobel Drew ALI Today... more

Remedies and progression first starts with development of Self! This show is dedicated to find real solutions for real people, through first looking internally. For any remedy to effective - Public or Private - we must start with finding... more

Today, August 25, 2014, we will have one of our newest HFR Hosts Queen Tahiyrah as our Guest Host for Rules of the Game. The topic will be Norman Kelley's book The Head Negro in Charge Syndrome: The Dead End of Black... more

Sunday will now be the day where we can air our various beliefs and engage in comparative religious study. This Sunday I will discuss various interpretations of God and the Devil.