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You may have heard of many discussions and theories about legal and lawful remedies. Now you can hear from someone who has had first hand experience. Invaluable information.

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Discussion on the Science of Love by John Baines- A Rosicrucian (Order of the Rose). Do you think you know the meaning of love?

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Chief Speaks - Spiritual Gifts and Self Actualization This is a weekly show where you will have an opportunity to call in and speak with Chief Yuya every Sunday with questions related to spiritual advice and counsel including questions... more

On this edition of ALI: Nation we will sit down with Jonah BEY to gain further overstanding of the Notice of Removal and the authenication process. We will look into patents and the over all use of Diplomatic Immunity. What is diplomatic... more

(NOI.org/TheTime) - Part 8 of the series, "The Time and What Must Be Done" by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Released March 2, 2013. More information available @ http://www.noi.org/thetime/ This is part 8 of 58 parts of... more

How do we merge contract law and the art of war ? Read articles posted by Tarhaka http://ancientblacksinasia.blogspot.com/ Feel free to join any or all of the following Face Book groups to post your articles and ad's Tarhaka Black... more


Trust Law is the basis of national organization & national independence. This show is dedicated to providing understanding of the functionalities and purposes of trust. Tune in every Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm PST/10

PART TWELVE THIS Part tells of numerous counterfeits and perversions by which many are led to think that something can be had for nothing. There is no royal road to success, we must give before we can get; if we cannot... more

I Self Law And Master !!! Taj Tarik BEY is a newer addition to High Frequency Radio Network, however, is no stranger to the awakened aboriginal Moorish community! Join Us every Thursday at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST

'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' 'YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH...YOU BETTER WAKE UP' ! ! ! CANON LAW: 12: 1,2 Universal Law ? ? ? §2. All who are actually present in a certain territory,... more