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You may have heard of many discussions and theories about legal and lawful remedies. Now you can hear from someone who has had first hand experience. Invaluable information.

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Remedies and progression first starts with development of Self! This show is dedicated to find real solutions for real people, through first looking internally. For any remedy to effective - Public or Private - we must start with finding remedies between our ears, which means we must adjust how we think. This show will be delivered Raw & Uncut with Your Host Issa EL!
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"Her Grace will be sharing knowledge & wisdom from the indigenous beings/cultures of this planet, for one to get a true sense of self in this illusion/matrix. Upon entering this gateway, words of antiquity are shared to... more

RULES TO THE GAME 1.) THERE IS NO MONEY- There is no Consitutionally sanctioned money for the Republic as ennumerated in Article I Section 10 of the Consitution FOR the United States of America. There is onlly fiat monsy allowed... more

Sunday will now be the day where we can air our various beliefs and engage in comparative religious study. This Sunday I will discuss various interpretations of God and the Devil.

SiGn o tHe TiMeS w Queen Tahiyrah FriDay/Night OPEN MIKE "What's Going On?" What's goin on? High Frequency Radio and Sign of the Times Listeners?? Call in and express yourself..... tell us what you know good??? Is there a... more

(NOI.org/TheTime) - Part 5 of the series, "The Time and What Must Be Done" by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Released Feb. 9, 2013 @ http://www.noi.org/thetime/ This is part 5 of 58 parts of this series of lectures.... more

What should we do to survive this type of collapse ? What should we use for money if there is none? Feel free to join any or all of the following Face Book groups to post your articles and ad's Tarhaka Black Awareness group Tarhaka... more


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What is Divine Mystics? Divine Mystics is a place for everyone on a journey of healing and growth. Dis-ease begins in the spirit and manifest on a physical level and so does healing. Healing the WHOLE you means reconnecting to... more