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Hidden Mysteries

Hidden Mysteries


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For all those with a strong sense of wonderment & curiosity for the mysterious in our world, tune in as we take a look at the unusual & the unexplained.

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The existence of Atlantis has beguiled many historians, psychics, researchers and writers for many years. The stories of that time speak of a world that battled the darkness and paid a huge price. Plato's descriptions illustrate an incredibly fantastical world greater than any that has ever existed. Despite the catastrophic events that occurred to breakup these chain of islands through three separate occasions, Atlantis lives on in our fantasies and has managed to keep our interest whether believesd to be true or not. Tune in as Rev. Maria D'Andrea & Mimi present a picture of that time through various sources and how their lessons are still playing out even today. Let's hope that our world learns long before any of these catasphrophic occurrences take place. www.MQuestMedia.com www.Mariadandrea.com "Edgar Cayce's Atlantis" - Drs. Gregory & Lora Little, John Van Auken
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Possibilities flow from our imagination. Whole worlds not yet experienced, lives still to be lived, new scenarios just waiting to be introduced to the canvas of your reality - Is it real? Is it valid? Or are we wasting our time allowing our minds to... more

Our words, thoughts, lives are forever recorded in an ethereal energy stream - there to guide us always through our forever evolving spirit. How do we tap into these records and make proper use of the information that is there for... more

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Every culture has, at its base, a rich foundation of mythological stories & characters at the core of their belief systems. Since my Co-Host, Reverend Maria D'Andrea, was born in Hungary, we thought we would explore the ancient lores... more

People who had near death experiences, or mediums who regularly connect with those on the other side, for the most part, have brought back very positive information about what that realm would be like, and have reiterated how there... more

The Violet Flame - part of the Universal energy that flows through us and our world. An energetic light frequency that heightens our own personal energy and health levels by bringing up the vibrational levels. It is a protective force that... more

Caring and feeling love for an animal shows an incredible amount of compassion since it's taking into consideration the welfare of other species separate from our own. It incorporates a deep understanding of how we are all spiritually... more

Our Universe appears to us to be a complex arena of cause and effect, synchronistic happenings, and a mass of what might look like confusing disconnected events which might make one think that this world bears no... more

We spend our lives identifying with a physical form, but we are greater than that - we are spirit, energy, light. While we sleep each night, we leave the confining vehicle of the body and move through layers of consciousness taking us to... more

October is known as the month for the Harvest, for manifesting new things into your life, for the retelling of ancient folktales brought over here by Irish and Scottish immigrants. It is a time to reconnect to your divine origins, when the... more