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It is our mission to open up a dialogue between the sexes so that we may better understand one another.

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Come "chat with Catt" Thursday Dec 8, 2011, from 7pm-8:30p PST & 10pm-11:30p EST. Call-in: 424-675-8261. What's the proper "break-up" protocol? Everyone has their own personal idea of when its best for them to move on to... more

Chat with Catt @ 424-675-8261..7pm-8:30pm PST & 9pm-10:30pm EST. I've been in this Relationship business for a while now and just when I think I've heard it ALL or, things couldn't possibly get any worse...BOOM! I'm side swiped by... more

Do you think that there is a such thing as a SEX ADDICT (adults of course)? Or, do you think that SOCIETY has slapped another label on a social behavior to make money off of people? As we know, people with addictions need... more

Do you have close friends who engage in 3-ways, group sex, exchange of nude photo's, sexting, swinging etc? Do you feel constant PRESSURE to succomb to the pressure just to FIT IN. Do you feel that being MODEST has fallen on... more

description will follow

In the last couple of years we've noticed a trend of "older women" dating younger men. Is this something new? Is there a difference between an "older woman dating a younger man vs. an "older man" dating a younger woman? Is Cougar a... more

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! We've miss YOU ALLl! Since this is our "welcome back" show, we're going to "freestyle" it. You all have the freedom to call-in and bring up whatever "relationship" topic you want to discuss. This... more

Catt & AC are continuing Part 2 of their series on Domestic Violence. It's EVERYONE's problem!

Today we will be exploring Domestic Violence. How do we get IN it, how we get OUT of it, and how do we move forward AFTER it? Please join us at 7PM-8PM PST. Call in at: (424) 675-8261.

We have all had this discussion and frankly, AC and I still want to have dialogue about it! The younger generation (not all) have a HUGE misconception of what, why, who, where Hip/Hop came from. We just want to set the record... more
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