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This show is for secular Haitians and non-Haitians all over the world. We cover all the relevant topics. Look us up and welcome to our show.

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Haitian FREE Thinkers is a secular group for Haitians by Haitians.

We are still in shock about the passing of actor Robin Williams. We will discuss our thoughts on Mr. Williams and the serious issue of suicide. Bible Read: Is Samson a type of suicide bomber? Did King Saul commit suicide? Is the... more

War, what is it good for? We already know the answer; NOTHING. Yet, Israel and Gaza are at it again. We explore this topic along with... -New (silent) members of Haitian FREE Thinkers -Documentaries of interest -Finding great neighbors... more

On this week's show we will discuss... 1. Patriotism and religiousity in the USA. 2. The effect of testimonials. 3. Crazy preachers at public events. Mission Statement: Haitian FREE Thinkers is dedicated to promoting, embracing, and celebrating... more

-Pope ex-communicates mobsters in Italy. -Who is Jesus going for in the World Cup? -Underground ocean found deep in the Earth. Was the Bible correct about Noah's flood? Mission Statement: Haitian FREE Thinkers is dedicated to... more

I am in New Orleans and will share what I experienced. Join James and I on another... more

Let's celebrate Dad Day.

Haitian FREE Thinkers is one of the world's few places where Haitian atheists, agnostics, humanists, etc can gather and exchange ideas. You can find us on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. On this week's show we... more

We are fortunate to have Eve Thomas for a quick interview. We will discuss her path to atheist, her new book, and much more. Haitian FREE Thinkers is dedicated to raising the profile of secular Haitians worldwide. Join us!

James tells us about his visit to his old church.