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Howard Kline

Commercial Real Estate Radio


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As an attorney, real estate broker, educator, and “digital broadcaster & social media innovator,” Howard Kline is communication-driven. Whether he is serving clients, mediating tenant/landlord issues, or arming commercial real estate professionals with cutting edge technology, providing information is the touchstone. Howardʼs latest brainchild, CRE Radio, is the natural result of who he is and what he has accomplished over a long and varied career! CRE Radio focuses on commercial real estate. Part forum, part digital trade journal, part teaching tool, it is a completely new communications resource for the industry. Commercial real estate professionals learn from each other, from an exceptional lineup of guests and from one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable experts in the business, Howard himself. Airing weekly, CRE Radio is quickly becoming required listening in the real estate business. Taking his subject, but never himself, seriously, Howard interviews commercial real estateʼs movers, shakers and newsmakers in a conversational format that draws them out, while effectively drawing listeners in. Howard offers his own realworld experience, taking calls that allow listeners to interact with him and his guests. Yet the show is far from pedantic. It reflects the remarkably broad interests, selfdeprecating humor, exceptional real estate expertise and plain-spoken common sense of its creator. For Howard, this is nothing new. In his experience as a real estate attorney and broker, he has been dedicated to communicating complex ideas in a downto- earth manner. He makes some very sophisticated concepts clear and understandable. Decades spent on both sides of the negotiating table have taught him a most valuable lesson, that what the listener hears is much more important than what a speaker says. Thatʼs the gift Howard offers his rapidly growing audience, in each and every edition of CRE Radio! 2 Unlike most real estate attorneys, Howar

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